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College of Environment and Design


Below is an archive of CCDP’s charrette reports, alphabetized by project name. Red text indicates a link to the final charrette report.

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Tifton, GA 2008 Campus planning, historic preservation, rehabilitation, signage, parking, gateways, master plan, stormwater management
Athens Land Trust Cannontown subdivision Athens, GA 2011 Athens Land Trust, affordable housing subdivision, sustainable development, contemporary architecture, Cannontown, Springfield Village
Atlanta Children’s Foundation Village Greene Co, GA 2003 Atlanta Children’s Foundation, Greene County, camp, cabins, at-risk youth, site analysis, National Forest, environmental graphics, graphic identity, wayfinding
Battle of Brier Creek Sylvania, Screven County GA 2015 Revolutionary War battlefield, heritage tourism, interpretive trails, wildlife management area, memorial design, park, boat launch
Bethel-Midtown Village Homes Athens, GA 2013 Affordable housing, public housing, school, master plan, infill, playground
Bishop Park Master Plan Athens, GA 2014 Park, master plan, public input, walking trails, recreational design
Blackshear Blackshear, GA 1997 Downtown revitalization, historic districts, streetscape, Better Hometown,
Blackwell Memorial High School Elberton, GA 2015 African-American history; historic schools, equalization schools, recreation, after-school programs
Boggs Rural Life Center Keysville, GA 2015 African-American history, historic schools, agriculture, Boggs academy, boarding schools, segregation, higher education, campus planning
Camp Hooray-ESP Jackson Co. GA 2016 Summer camp, universal design, developmental disabilities, recreation, underserved populations
Canon Canon, GA 2011 Small town downtown revitalization, recreation, design guidelines, greening streets
CAPPA – Community Approach to Planning Prince Avenue Athens, GA 2004 Corridor planning, infill, parking, multimodal transportation, historic landscapes
Carrolton Carrolton, GA 2003 Historic school, ecology, brownfields, environmental clean-up, ecology, restoration, recreation, park
Centerville Centerville, GA 2007 Downtown redevelopment, new town planning, new urbanism, streetscape, mixed use building planning
CHaRM Athens, GA 2014 Recycling, charm, hard to recycle materials, solid waste, greenway, public art, river
Conasauga Watershed Dalton, GA 2006 Watershed, conservation, land use planning, blueway, water trail, recreation, smart growth, stream bank stabilization
Darien Darien, GA 2000 Downtown revitalization, recreation, economic development, heritage tourism, infill, coastal planning, riverway, Better Hometown
Dawson Dawson, GA 1998 Downtown and industrial character, corridor planning, tourism, rehabilitation, bypass, Better Hometown
Douglas Douglas, GA 2023 Downtown revitalization; historic preservation; smart growth; rural; infill; affordable housing; multifamily housing; walkability; urban planning
Eastwyck Homes Atlanta, GA 2004 Affordable housing, public housing, erosion, signage, community safety, stormwater management, circulation patterns
Eatonton Eatonton, GA 2007 Downtown revitalization, rehabilitation, community identity, historic preservation, billboard regulation, mill village
Effingham County Industrial Park Effingham Co, GA 2009 Industrial park, recreation, education, wetlands, trails, nature center, wetland protection, railroad, cross-country trails
Fairmont Community Griffin, GA 2013 Rosenwald, historic school; African-American, public housing, mill village, affordable housing, design guidelines
Flowery Branch Flowery Branch, GA 2000 Context sensitive highway design, downtown revitalization, commuter rail access, Better Hometown
Food Cart Festival Athens, GA 2012 Local food production, food carts, downtown development, public ordinances, business development, public gathering spaces, materials reuse
Forsyth Forsyth, GA 2006 Downtown revitalization, traffic circulation, design guidelines, smart growth, infill, historic preservation
Gillespie-Selden Cordele, GA 2009 Neighborhood revitalization, stormwater management, affordable housing, community programming, neighborhood identity; historic school; African-American resources
Glynn County Glynn County, GA 2008 Gateways, Southern Regional Paint Facility, corridors, signage, watershed protection, wayfinding, signage
Greensboro Greensboro GA 2005 Rehabilitation, walkability, community connectivity, infill, post office, laundry, gas station, parking, depot, mill, mill village, parks, land use planning, Better Hometown
Griffin Griffin, GA 2007 Smart growth, greenway planning, streetscape, community partnerships, adaptive reuse, traffic calming, mill rehabilitation
Hapeville Hapeville, GA 2005 Smart growth, industry-town relationships, community identity, urban greening, airport, railroad
Harlem Harlem, GA 2003 Downtown revitalization, building facades, heritage tourism, community identity, Laurel and Hardy
Harrison Park Ellijay, GA 2017 recreation; park design; farmers market; trail systems; outdoor recreation; river launch; agricultural history
Hart County Hart County, GA 2009 Multi-transportational network, sustainability, trails, eco-industrial, industrial park, land use planning, economic development
Hartwell Trails Hartwell, GA 2022 Trails; low-income neighborhoods, neighborhood revitatlization; multi-modal transportation; connectivity; recreational tourism
Hawkinsville Hawkinsville, GA 1999 Downtown revitalization, riverway, greenspace, corridor design, smart growth, infrastructure, Better Hometown
Hawkinsville Brewpub
Hawkinsville, GA 2020 breweries; brewpubs; downtown revitalization; Ocmulgee River; water trails; blueways; riverfront park; recreational tourism; virtual charrette
Highway 17 – Brunswick Brunswick, GA 2001 Streetscape, ecotourism, design guidelines, corridor planning, regional planning
Highway 17 – Richmond Hill Richmond Hill, GA 2001 Corridor planning, regional planning, residential infill
Highway 17 – Woodbine Woodbine, GA 2001 Corridor planning, regional planning, urban infill, recreation planning, ecotourism, housing infill, African-American resources, Better Hometown
Hyde Park Augusta, GA 2008 Brownfield development, stormwater management, community identity, preservation, land bank, transportation
Hoschton Hoschton, GA 2021 Downtown revitalization; historic preservaton; smart growth; rural; infill; walkability; connectivity; subdivison development; urban planning
Jack R. Wells Public Housing Athens, GA 2011 Mixed-income, affordable housing, master plan, trail planning, recreational planning, community programming, Pauldoe, Athens Housing Authority
Jefferson Jefferson, GA 2004 Downtown revitalization, streetscape, historic preservation, recreation, municipal planning, infill, greenways, gateways, parking, cemetery, Better Hometown
John de la Howe School McCormick, SC 2019 campus planning; agriculture; ag education; Governors School; cultural landscapes
Jonesboro Jonesboro, GA 2005 Water conservation, stormwater management, infill development
Kaolin Museum Sandersville, GA 2018 kaolin; geology; museum programming, historic preservation, historic school, downtown revitalization, infill
LABASH Athens, GA 2013 Habitat for Humanity, Material Reuse Program, design-build
Lexington Lexington, GA 2012 Downtown revitalization, traffic calming, commercial facades, tourism, code enforcement, demolition by neglect, farm to table, rural heritage
Locust Grove Locust Grove, GA 2004 Downtown revitalization, triangulation building facades, infill, municipal campus planning, parks, gateways, agricultural heritage, railroad
Macon Macon, GA 2006 Downtown revitalization, alleys, parking
McDuffie Trails McDuffie Co. GA 2021 wildlife management area; trails; cycling; hiking; equestrian; kayaking; canoeing; water trail; campgrounds;  recreational tourism; virtual charrette; handicap accessibility
McRae-Helena McRae-Helena, GA 2004 Downtown revitalization, building facades, heritage tourism
Metter Metter, GA 1999 Downtown revitalization, gateways, historic preservation, zoning, linear parks, urban parks, downtown squares, Better Hometown
Millen Millen, GA 2002 Historic preservation, adaptive reuse, design guidelines, signage, corridors, historic districts, Better Hometown
Monticello School Monticello, GA 2005 Adaptive reuse, historic school
Moultrie Moultrie, GA 2007 Streetscape, tourism, rehabilitation, parking, greenspace, warehouse district
Nashville Nashville, GA 2002 Downtown revitalization, historic preservation, demolition, streetscape, Better Hometown
North Oconee River Blueway Athens, GA 2011 Blueway, recreational trail planning, boat launches, river stewardship, greenway, water trail, ecology
Oak Hill-Newton County Covington, GA 2005 Mixed-use neighborhood, infill, new urbanism
Oglethorpe Oglethorpe, GA 2001 Downtown revitalization, streetscape, urban infill, maintaining community character, historic preservation, zoning, Better Hometown
Oxford Oxford, GA 2006 Transect zoning, rehabilitation, sensitive development, greenspace, university campus, new town center, infill
Plains Plains, GA 1998 Downtown revitalization, heritage tourism, infill, agricultural heritage, Jimmy Carter, Better Hometown
Poplar Yards Macon, GA 2016 median design; Walter Hood; African-American history; downtown revitalization; streetscape; landscape architecture; urban parks; placemaking; crime prevention
Porterdale Porterdale, GA 2013 Downtown revitalization, historic textile mill, mill village, design guidelines, infill, master planning, affordable housing, water trail, trailhead, textile history
Project Riverway Lower Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers 2007 Downtown revitalization, affordable housing, water resources, blueway, water trail, regional planning
Project Riverway Lower Chattahoochee River Corridor 2006 Chattahoochee Indian Heritage Center, Environmental and Natural Resources Guide, downtown revitalization, water trail, regional planning, blueway
Project Riverway Lower Chattahoochee River; Apalachicola, FL 2008 River corridor planning, blueway, water trail, education, parks, community identity, boardwalk, downtown revitalization, regional planning
Riverwood Homes Atlanta, GA 2004 Affordable housing, public housing, recreation planning, neighborhood identity, erosion control, greenspace
Rocksprings Athens, GA 2013 African-American, historic school, community garden, GIS database, historic resource survey, walkability, safety, affordable housing, Athens Land Trust
Rome Rome, GA 2004 Riverbank stabilization, connectivity, downtown revitalization, conference center, building infill, blueway, water trail, riverway, levee park
Salem Campground Newton Co. GA 2019 religious site; historic site; camp meeting; cultural landscape assessment; cultural landscape documentation; design guidelines; master plan; infill; vernacular architecture; campground
Sandersville Sandersville, GA 2004 Downtown revitalization, rear entrances, streetscape design, Better Hometown
Sapelo Island Sapelo Island, GA 2003 African-American resources, conservation planning, rehabilitation, campus planning, coastal planning
Southern Mill Athens, GA 2012 Historic textile mill, rehabilitation, master plan, marketing, light industrial, affordable housing, artist community, railroad, tax credits
Springfield Springfield, GA 2000 Historic preservation, downtown revitalization, adaptive reuse, greenspace, streetscape, design guidelines, Better Hometown
State Botanical Garden Master Plan –  Part 1  2  3 Athens, GA 2011 Botanical garden, wayfinding, stream restoration, horticulture, visitor experience, master plan, management plan, inventory and analysis
Statesboro Statesboro, GA 2004 Downtown revitalization, façade improvements, transportation infrastructure, streetscape, Better Hometown
Sumter Co Fairgrounds Americus, GA 2009 Fairgrounds, agriculture, adaptive reuse, policy implementation, site design, stormwater management
Sumter County – Wayfinding Sumter County, GA 2016 Wayfinding, corridor planning, transect analysis, signage, scenic byways
Suwanee Suwanee, GA 2000 Downtown revitalization, new urbanism, town center, smart growth, amphitheatre, railroad, underpass, historic preservation, greenspace, Better Hometown
Thomaston Facades Thomaston, GA 2023 Facade renderings; historic preservation; downtown revitalization; façade grants; design review; historic preservation commissions; downtown development authority; Main Street; Archway Partnership, Connected Resilient Communities (CRC)
Tifton Westside Tifton, GA 2005 Brownfield, mill rehabilitation, historic preservation, tax credits
Toccoa Toccoa, GA 2005 Downtown revitalization, downtown mall, streetscape, vehicular traffic, Main Street
Town Spring-UGA Athens, GA 2011 Daylighting, waterways, interpretive signage, greenway, historic preservation, phytoremediation, north oconee river, ecology, hydrology, watershed, infill, parking
Ty Ty Ty Ty, GA 2002 Community character, greenspace integration, rehabilitation, rail-trail
Tybee Island Tybee Island, GA 2005 Stormwater management, water conservation, green roofing, pervious pavement, coastal planning, sea-level rise
UGA East Campus Athens, GA 2013 Campus planning, traffic, circulation, master planning, alternative transportation, public input
Unadilla Unadilla, GA 2003 Downtown revitalization, streetscape , infill, railroad
Varnell Varnell, GA 2003 School, textile heritage, conservation planning, community character, campus planning, wayfinding, mountain region
Walnut Grove Walnut Grove, GA 2006 Town center, new urbanist planning, smart growth, design guidelines, master plan
Warner Robins Warner Robins, GA 2004 Corridor planning, defining community
Washington-Rusher Street Washington, GA 2007 Affordable housing, infill, design guidelines, streetscape development, gateways, community identity, neighborhood redevelopment
Washington County Regional Medical Health Center Sandersville, GA 2008 Mid-century design, compatible infill, traffic pattern, hospital
West Point West Point, GA 2002 Downtown revitalization, heritage tourism, streetscape, corridor planning, design guidelines, riverfront development, civic space
Wilkes County Gateways Washington, GA 2009 Gateways, corridor planning, transportation, signage regulations, landscape management, county planning, wayfinding, signage
Winterville Winterville, GA 2017 rail-trail; Firefly Trail; roundabouts; streetscape; park design; historic preservation; connectivity; Safe Routes to School
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