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College of Environment and Design

At the CED, you will cultivate not only the skills you need for professional design and practice, but your individual talent it takes to be Prepared to Shape Our World

     We will challenge you to:

  • explore your unique interests and creatively solve contemporary issues by working with faculty and, in some cases, local communities through design charettes.
  • interact with clients, community organizations, and planning agencies. We will connect you with a large and accomplished alumni network as closely as possible.
  • network with visiting professors, professionals, and lecturers and learn from renowned designers in a broad range of studies and careers.
  • critically reflect on past and present design, planning, and preservation practices and propose ways in which design, planning and preservation can be a positive force for social and environmental change.

DesignIntelligence Rankings


Nov 2021: Spotlight ON the arts

The University of Georgia Arts Council will celebrate its tenth annual Spotlight on the Arts festival this November with more than 60 events and exhibitions in the literary, performing and visual arts.

Additional information on the 2021 Spotlight on the Arts festival is below. For details and a complete schedule, see the calendar at

Nov 3

C. Berglund November 3
2PM-3:30PM, MLC

See and Sketch
35 seats only


Nov 10

K. Melcher November 10 4:30PM, JSB

Faculty Lecture
Aesthetic Confessions


Nov 17

A. Gopnik
November 17
4 PM, Chapel

UGA Signature Lecture
CED HGOR Lecture









Above statistics from DesignIntelligence

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