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College of Environment and Design

Owens Resource Center

check out this month's book display! 

Spring 2022 HOURS

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Owens Library is open M-F 8:00am-4:30pm. The circulation desk is staffed the following hours:

  • Monday: 11:00am – 3:30pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00am – 3:30pm
  • Friday: 11:00am – 2:00pm

If the Owens Library is closed, we will still be able to provide access to materials and research support the following ways:

  • For access to print materials place a request in the UGA Catalog with a pick-up location of Main Library.
  • For all other questions related to Owens Library or CED-related research, contact Kathleen Kern; (Kathleen is the UGA library liaison for CED and Director of the Miller Learning Center)

The resource center

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As of Spring of 2021, the Resource Center, once located in the basement of JSB, has been relocated into Owens Library! Owens is now the place to come for all printing and IT needs, as well as technology check-out. To see more about what opportunities are associated with the resource center, go to their webpage, here  


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Check-Out: A book can be checked out in-person or requested and placed on hold via the main library website. Once a book is requested online, it will be waiting for check-out at the library you choose to pick-up from. To search for a book, thesis, or journal article on the library website, click here.

Delivery: You can request books from all other UGA libraries to be delivered to Owens Library for pick-up. Once you find the item you are looking for in the online catalog, log in and click "Request for Pickup". From here, you can choose which library location you would like to pick up from. 

Clipping of UGA online book request.

Returns: Any book belonging to a UGA Library may be returned to Owens, as well as any Owens library book may be returned to any UGA Library. When returning a book to the Owens location, one may either drop it off in an outdoor drop-box located to the right of the JSB entrance, or bring it into the library. If no person is working behind the desk there is a return box in front of the librarians desk where books can be returned.



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The staff are happy to assist you with finding books and other materials, and to answer any questions you may have about writing styles, formatting, and editing. Come by the library!

Kathleen Kern is the liaison to the Main Library for the College of Environment and Design. Kathleen can help you find those hard-to-locate resources. Contact her at

Looking for a book, thesis, or journal?

Thesis and Practicum Assistance


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Journals: To view a list of the journals available for check-out from Owens Library, click here

Student Publications: Bound copies of past theses, practicums, and BLA capstone projects are available for check-out. 

Georgia Materials: Reports, studies, historical information are available for use in Owens Library only.



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The Owens Library supports the College of Environment and Design (CED), and is open to the general public. We strive to expand the body of knowledge of landscape architecture, historic preservation, urban planning and design, and environmental ethics. As a library collection and research service, we promote a deeper understanding of environmental, cultural, and land use principles and issues, and engage our community in academic scholarship.

Owens Library is named in honor of the founder of the landscape architecture program at the University of Georgia, Hubert Bond Owens. Our collection is supported by the CED, donations, and support from our patrons. The circulating collection is a combination of books, journals, theses, practicums, and senior capstone projects, most of which is cataloged in the UGA’s GIL system. Please go to: for your searches. 


FIND US, Contact us

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The Owens Library is inside the Jackson Street Building at 285 S. Jackson Street.


Phone: 706-542-8292

Have a question? Submit any question through LibAnswers! Library Liason Kathleen Kern or one of our Owens Library Graduate Assistants will get back to you ASAP. 



DONATE to Owens Library (books and/or funds)

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If you would like to donate books to Owens Library, please send us a list of materials you would like to give us and we will either receive them into the collection or sell them to raise money for books we don’t already have (with your permission). 

Funds: Click on this link or contact Jennifer Messer, director of development, at 706-542-4727 or email her at



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Melissa Tufts, director (retired in December 2020), and Professor Marianne Cramer, book donor and advisory board me
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