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The FindIt Historic Resource Survey Partnership is a state-wide cultural resource survey program created to help document historic resources throughout Georgia and facilitate their preservation. Cultural resource survey is the first step in the preservation planning process.

Housed within the Center for Community Design and Preservation (CCDP), the FindIt program is a unique learning experience whereby students are trained to identify and document a breadth of cultural resources, such as historic buildings, landscapes, and other structures.

The FindIt program is entirely student-focused, as student workers conduct all field work, data entry, and architectural analysis.  Since 2002, FindIt has:

  • Added more than 18,000 resources to Georgia’s Natural, Archaeological, and Historic Resources Geographic Information System (GNAHRGIS) inventory.
  • Provided over 65 assistantships and 130 hourly positions.
  • Surveyed over 60 Georgia counties and cities.
Notable Projects 
Information on ongoing surveys, past research, and an archive of county-wide surveys.

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FindIt is sponsored by the Georgia Transmission Corporation  in partnership with the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office (Historic Preservation Division – Dept. of Community Affairs), the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the UGA Carl Vinson Institute of Government’s Information Technology Outreach Services.

For questions, or for more information about the FindIt program, please reach out to:

Jennifer Lewis, CCDP Director
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