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The Environmental Ethics Certificate Program is designed to train students to make decisions about environmental problems based not only on traditional logic, but also on philosophical, social, political, legal, economic, scientific, and aesthetic considerations. Consequently, students in the Certificate Program benefit by viewing environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Ethics began with the 1994-95 academic year and currently enrolls 55 undergraduate students. The Undergraduate Program is patterned after the successful Graduate Program and, like it, was the first certificate program of its kind in the United States.

The certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete at least 18 hours of course work, including at least 7 credit hours in core courses (one 3-or 4-hour course in ecology, one 3-hour course in ethics, and one 1-hour course in environmental ethics seminar), 7 or 8 hours in approved elective courses, and 3 hours for an approved research paper in environmental ethics.

To be eligible for admission to the undergraduate program, an student must have completed at least two semesters of full-time enrollment (must be a rising second-year student). For further information about the graduate and undergraduate program, contact R. Alfred Vick at (706) 542-0935,




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