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College of Environment and Design

Service Learning

What is service-learning?

Service-learning integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection in order to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen our communities. CED has been a campus leader in developing and testing global service-learning programs concentrating on issues of sustainability, low impact tourism, erosion control, outdoor recreation and civic leadership.

Students fill a bag with oyster shells to stabilize the creek shoreline.Recently, students in Professor Jon Calabria’s Ecology class traveled to the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island to learn about coastal ecology from UGA’s Marine Extension office (MAREX) and help construct a living shoreline at the 4-H center. In addition to learning about oysters, coastal ecology, anthropogenic threats and living shorelines, students worked with others in the community and several 4-H clubs to construct specialized bags with oyster shell for subsequent placement on the shoreline. This effort demonstrates how a living shoreline could be constructed instead of a bulkhead (or other armoring structure), which encourages higher ecological function and likely reduces bacteria that threatens water-based recreation at the 4-H facility.

The students are providing an important service to the community and, at the same time, learning about water quality, coastal ecology, and developing an understanding of coastal resiliency tactics. They may also reflect on their personal and career interests in science, the environment, public policy or other related areas. In these ways service-learning intentionally combines service with learning, a combination that is transforming both communities and students.

Service-Learning at CED

CED has several approved service-learning courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 
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Course # Course Name Offered
HIPR 4100S/6100S Cultural Resource Assessment Fall
HIPR 4330S/6330S Intro to Cultural Landscape Documentation Spring
HIPR 4460S/6460S Rural Preservation Fall, Spring 
HIPR 4680S/6680S Community Design Charrettes Fall, Spring 
HIPR 6950S  Historic Preservation Planning Studio Fall
LAND 3030S Landscape Architecture Design Studio III As needed
LAND 3040S Landscape Architecture Design Studio IV As needed
LAND 4050S/6050S Landscape Architecture Design Studio V As needed
LAND 4060S Landscape Architecture Design Studio VI As needed
LAND 4080S Healthcare and Therapeutic Garden Design As needed
LAND 4090S Architecture Design As needed
LAND 4095S Sustainability in Design As needed
LAND 4370S Applied Landscape Construction As needed
LAND 4900S Senior Project As needed
LAND 4910S/6910S Independent Project As needed
LAND 6020S NEW - Site Applications Spring 
LAND 6030S NEW - Nature and Sustainability Fall 
LAND 6040S NEW - Community and Place Spring
LAND 7050S NEW - Landscape Studio Engagement Fall

UGA Office of Service Learning

The mission of the Office of Service-Learning (OSL) is to promote and support the development of quality academic service-learning experiences in response to critical community needs through a range of faculty and instructional development programs, services, and funding opportunities.

Faculty can find information on applying for S-Suffix courses here.

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