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College of Environment and Design

Minor in Landscape Studies


Program Description

The minor in Landscape Studies will provide students with an enhanced understanding of the historic conflicts and opportunities that lie at the intersection of nature and healthy ecosystems and the design of the built human environment. The landscape studies minor structures an ecology inclusive of humanity and educates students in the role of design in shaping a better future. The landscape studies minor will help students explore social design and the history of design, design and human behavior, human ecology, humanity’s dependence on a healthy planet, concepts of sustainability, resiliency, energy efficiency, healthy living, and the positive impacts of evidenced based design. The minor is complimentary to many lines of inquiry such as Engineering, Plant Sciences, Geography, Geology, Business, Real Estate Development, Ecology, and Life and Physical Sciences.

  • A minor must contain at least 9 hours of upper division course work.

Required Courses (9 hours):

LAND 1500 or
LAND 1500E
Design and the Environment 3
LAND 2510 or
LAND 2510E
History of the Built Environment I: Landscape 3
LAND 2310 Introduction to Sustainability 3

Electives (Choose at least 9 hours):

EDES 4270/6270 Environmental Design Uses of Geographic Information Systems 3
EDES 4610/6610 Vernacular Architecture 3
EDES 4630/6630 The History and Theory of Twentieth-Century Architecture 3
EDES 4640/6640 The History of Urban Planning 3
EDES(PLAN) 4650/6650 City Planning 3
EDES 4660/6660 Environment and Behavior: Theory and Practice 3
LAND 1600 Reading the Landscape 3
LAND 3410 Plants of the South 3
LAND 4251/6251 Digital Workflows 3
LAND 4360 Applied Landscape Ecology 3
LAND 4400/6400 Plant Communities of the Southeast 3
LAND 4410/6410 Field Sketching and Watercolor 3
LAND 4420S/6420S Design Build 3
LAND 4430/6430 Landscape Photography 3
LAND 4440/6440 Plant Communities of the Cherokee Landscape 3
LAND 4450/6450 Plants for Temperate Landscapes 3
LAND 4570 Contemporary Landscape Architecture Theory 3
LAND 4580/6580 Landscapes in Literature, the Arts, and Popular Culture 3
LAND 4620/6620 Evolution of American Architecture 3
LAND 4710/6710 Professional Practice 2
LAND 4730/6730 Issues and Practices in Sustainable Design 3
LAND 4800/6800 Field Study in Contemporary Landscape Architecture 3
LAND 4910 Independent Project 3


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Ron Sawhill
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