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This course introduces and discusses the breadth of cultural resource types (buildings, landscapes, intangible resources, etc.) in three contexts: identification, evaluation and management. The intent of the course is to expose students to cultural resource types, styles, standards, guidelines, programs, processes and techniques that create the U.S. and international framework for identification, evaluation and management.

The course is organized around a combination of lectures, discussions, field work, field trips, site visits, and guest speakers. Most of our class meetings early in the semester will be split between a brief lecture or presentation, class discussions, and exercises that build upon one another. Readings will be assigned for most class meetings and you will be expected to read them prior to class share your reactions in class discussions. The central idea is that all participants take an active part in developing and conducting the course. Active participation in these discussions will be part of your grade for the course. During the latter part of the semester you will apply your knowledge to our case study sites as we survey historic resources and potentially develop National Register documentation.           

CRA Collage-no drop

Professor Cari Goetcheus believes that the best way to learn about landscapes is to be in them. The Spring 2018 CRA class got to take in the views of Peachtree Street from the top of The Georgia Trust's Rhodes Hall (top left); sit in on a meeting of the National Register Review Board at the State Historic Preservation Office (top right); survey a former plantation landscape in Madison County (middle right); prepare a National Register amendment for Washington, GA (bottom right); and kick back at newly-listed National Register site Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta (bottom left).


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