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College of Environment and Design

dual Master's programs


The CED offers two dual master's degree programs, the Juris Doctor/MHP and Juris Doctor/MUPD.

Juris Doctor/
Master of Historic Preservation

Policy and law are critical to the historic preservation field. This program provides both the JD and MHP degrees allowing a student to earn both in just four years, eliminating approximately one year of academic work. In addition to the competitive advantage the program provides, UGA's School of Law was recently named the "best value in legal education in the United States" by National Jurist. Students must submit separate applications to the Law School and the Graduate School and be accepted by both units to participate in the program. For information about applications to the Juris Doctor program contact the Law School Admissions Office (706-542-7060); for historic preservation applications and information, contact the Director for Graduate Studies in Historic Preservation at 706-542-1816.

Applicants must be considered for and receive admission to each program separately, and may be granted a GRE exemption if they submit satisfactory scores from the LSAT or have already been admitted to the University of Georgia Law School. Admissions decisions are made by faculty committees in each program (and approved by the Graduate School in the case of MHP). JD/MHP students choose between two academic sequences:

  1. MHP-JD-JD-Split: Students spend their first year in the MHP program, their second and third years in Law School, and their fourth and final year finishing up requirements in both academic units.
  2. JD-JD-MHP-Split: Students complete their first two years in the Law School, their third year in the MHP program, and their fourth and final year finishing up requirements in both academic units.

In either sequence, JD/MHP students must take their first two years in the Law School consecutively.

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Juris Doctor/Master of Urban Planning and Design

 Current and prospective students of the CED will be pleased to hear that they can now pursue a dual degree consisting of a Juris Doctorate (JD) and Master of Urban Planning and Design (MUPD). The degree, which was proposed in January 2019 and approved in the spring of 2020, will be effective Summer 2020.

The profession of urban planning frequently involves careful navigation of the local, state, and federal laws which govern city planning. To an urban planner, the ability to contend with administrative, constitutional, environmental, tax, tort, and real property law would be a tremendous advantage. This dual degree aims to uniquely prepare its students to not only become exceptional city planners through the MUPD program, but skillful lawyers as well through the JD program.

The degree shortens the course of study from five to four years without sacrificing the breadth of instruction. Ideally, students would spend two years of the program principally working on the JD, followed by one year principally on the MUPD, followed by a year of overlap. The course necessitates completion of 120 credit hours, exceeding the minimum instruction required by the American Bar Association before a JD can be awarded.

With the interdisciplinary skill set this degree develops, a wide range of career opportunities becomes available. Students may enter a variety of fields such as provision of design services, advocacy, governmental regulation, and policymaking, all of which can be applied to the public, private, and nonprofit arenas.


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