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The Certificate in Historic Preservation provides students with a working knowledge of the theory and practice of historic preservation. The program also provides a solid knowledge base for students who wish to pursue their education further through graduate studies, as well as opportunities to focus their studies on aspects of the field that are of particular interest to them.


The program provides a broad introduction to the theory and techniques of historic preservation. Students who successfully complete the requirements for the certificate are expected to have:

  • An awareness of the contribution that historic resources make to the quality of life and human environments. 
  • An understanding of the needs, problems, and opportunities associated with historic preservation.
  • An appreciation of the role that individual citizens can play in the protection and perpetuation of historic resources.
  • Knowledge of key concepts that are essential for serving as volunteer members of citizen preservation organizations and/or government commissions, and for providing informed leadership to these and other community preservation efforts.
  • An appreciation of how historic preservation relates to their major academic program of study.


The program is open to all undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students at the University of Georgia. The undergraduate Certificate in Historic Preservation requires a minimum of 15 semester credit hours, including a 3-hour required course and at least 12 hours of approved elective courses.

All applicants must submit a formal application to the program, which is linked below. The application also has a list of accepted elective courses. Other preservation-related courses may be approved by the program coordinator.


Click here  to apply for the Historic Preservation certificate!


For more information, please contact:

Scott Nesbit
106 Denmark Hall
(706) 542-3996

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