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College of Environment and Design

New Collaboration Spaces in Jackson Street Building

Collaboration Station in JSB

Tom Jones, with the support of Lee Cornell and Ashley Steffens, has received a $13,000 grant to set up collaboration stations throughout the college. The first of such stations is located on the ground floor of JSB. The space includes a large format display screen that accommodates wireless connections and a variety of input devices – such as digitizing tablets and document cameras – as well as seating areas for users to congregate and share projects and ideas.  

Collaboration hubs are intended to engage students from all disciplines across CED and provide a space for students to interact and learn from each other in an open, unprogrammed manner. They encourage a greater level of cross-pollination among students in historic preservation, planning, and landscape architecture. In addition to the role that they play in facilitating conversations throughout the college, the spaces will be visually interesting and engaging for potential students, visiting professors, and non-CED student visitors to the college. By taking advantage of the capabilities of the wireless connection devices, these stations can be employed as an information hub via a digital signage app when not in use by students.   

To use the station, students must connect their device to PAWS Secure, then follow the on-screen instructions to download the Airtame app and connect to the system. Full instructions can be found here

The Learning Technology Grants (LTG) was awarded by UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and support projects that deploy new technologies to support student learning.


CED was the recipient of two LTGs this year, for projects sponsored by Academic Professional Tom Jones and Associate Professor David Spooner

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