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College of Environment and Design

The CED's Georgia Landscape Magazine is back!

After a five-year hiatus, CED's Georgia Landscape Magazine is getting a reboot!

The Georgia Landscape Magazine is a student-run publication of the College of Environment and Design at the University of Georgia. Beginning in 1976, the Georgia Landscape Magazine started as "an earnest attempt to clear away some of the confusion surrounding the role of landscape architects by addressing problems close at hand and of importance to the whole community from the landscape architect's perspective (First Edition of Georgia Landscape Magazine)." After a five-year hiatus, the magazine reboot is driven by the efforts of Visiting Lecturer and faculty advisor James Schulte, Editor-In-Chief Jeffrey Bussey (MHP), and several Bachelor and Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Historic Preservation students.  

Curated and published by students at the College of Environment and Design (CED), Professor Schulte shared that "the Georgia Landscape Magazine is a voice for the editorial, practical, and academic landscapes within the fields of ecology, historic preservation, planning, and landscape architecture." To unify the different departments and fields within the CED and equally represent the various fields of design and preservation, the magazine highlights student contributions from the multiple departments within the CED. Having contributed to the magazine when he was a student at the CED, Professor Schulte contributed an article to the 2009 Georgia Landscape Magazine on the CED West Coast Trip and co-authored a comparative article on Portland as an Eco-Friendly City and Atlanta.  

Professor Schulte and the students of CED have been working on the upcoming spring issue since the Fall of 2022, pulling together ideas and drafting layouts and articles for the reboot. The Georgia Magazine allows students to voice their interests, design, and curate and publish the magazine. Whether through interviews with industry professionals or their own experiences, the Georgia Landscape Magazine provides a student perspective on the fields of Historic Preservation, Landscape Architecture, and Planning. Participation is not limited to writing in the magazine. Students can help with graphics, layout, or photography. Any student interested in writing or contributing to the Georgia Landscape Magazine can contact Professor Schulte or any magazine staff member.  

The Georgia Landscape Magazine will be back with its new issue this Spring and is already planning on meeting later this semester to start curating the 2024 issue!

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