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Digital Gallery Showcases Student Work

While students, faculty and staff are no longer meeting on campus due to UGA’s online instruction and shelter in place guidelines, Dr. Jessica Fernandez and her students have found a way to showcase their hard work online. Students have created beautiful works of art that are currently being exhibited in an intuitive online gallery available for perusal to anyone interested.

Visit the gallery by clicking here.



Exploring Place: An Exhibit of Student Works was created to close out the semester for the CED's Advanced Graphics class. It is available until July 6th. Typically, student work is displayed in the Jackson Street Building. This online gallery will not only provide a space to showcase student work, but will potentially make possible an expended reach not afforded when the work is physically exhibited on campus.


The introductory screen of the Advanced Graphics exhibition online


The gallery lives on the website Kunstmatrix and allows artists to exhibit their work in sleek, ultramodern 3D art galleries. The digital space created for Fernandez’s students is flooded with simulated sunlight, tall windows, and a calming interior design all backed by a calming soundtrack. Each element serves to put student work front and center. Clear and easy to use tools make browsing a breeze. When a user selects a work, options to read more about the piece become visible, giving viewers detailed information on the creator and purpose of the work.


The gallery’s introductory panel outlines the main goals of the gallery:

The essence of a place is difficult to capture in digital graphic form. However, this unseen element is key to the specialness of the places landscape architects create. In the following graphic series fourteen undergraduate landscape architecture students express both the physical and metaphysical components of site through graphic exploration.

The gallery consists of five series: Essence of Place, Exploring Place, Layering with Streetscape, Render Montage, and An Animated Investigation.


Another angle of the Advanced Graphics exhibition


Forty-one works in various media range from detailed planning of public spaces like boulevards and mountain cabins, to more impressionistic visualizations exploring what exactly the “essence” of a place can be. In each, artistry and analysis combine to visualize spaces promoting sustainability, resiliency, public health, and practicality.


The exhibition is yet another example of the intuitive problem-solving that has arisen as a result of UGA’s online learning implemented this spring. We’re proud of Fernandez’s students for closing out this semester strong and refusing to allow their excellent work be kept out of the public eye.


Below are just a sample of some of the amazing student works available for viewing on the virtual gallery.


Light on the Hill by Claire Jarvis Distant Rise by Clint Granros Little Garden by Simone Guerra
  Exploring Place by Clint Granros
Student work
Layering with Streetscape by Adolfo Martinez
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