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Environmental Ethics programming

EECP Seminar Series

The Environmental Ethics Seminar lectures feature a variety of environmental ethics-related topics from university faculty and guest lecturers. Lectures are open to the public and required for students enrolled in EETH 4000/6000 Environmental Ethics Seminar.

EECP Philosopher's Walks

Philosopher's Walks are guided hikes that provide participants with opportunities to experience, connect with, and discuss places of environmental interest.  They are organized by the UGA Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) and are open to the public.

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Upcoming News and Events

We will be updating our events throughout the semester so continue to check back!


EECP Seminar Series: Film Screening of "Inhabitants: Indigenous Perspectives on Restoring Our World"

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 5:30pm
Jackson Street Building, Room 125
285 S Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602

"Inhabitants: Indigenous Perspectives on Restoring Our World" follows five Native American communities as they restore their traditional land management practices in the face of a changing climate. For millennia Native Americans successfully stewarded and shaped their landscapes, but centuries of colonization have disrupted their ability to maintain these processes. From deserts, coastlines, forests, mountains, and prairies, Native communities across the US are restoring their ancient relationships with the land. The five stories include sustaining traditions of Hopi dryland farming in Arizona; restoring buffalo to the Blackfeet reservation in Montana; maintaining sustainable forestry on the Menominee reservation in Wisconsin; reviving native food forests in Hawaii; and returning prescribed fire to the landscape by the Karuk Tribe of California. As the climate crisis escalates, these time-tested practices of North America's original inhabitants are becoming increasingly essential in a rapidly changing world.


EECP Seminar Series: The Ethical Considerations of Permanent Land Protection

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 5:30pm
Jackson Street Building, Room 125
285 S Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602

Christine McCauley Watts, Executive Director  of the Madison-Morgan Conservancy 

Steffney R. Thompson, Land Conservation Clinic Director of the University of Georgia School of Law


EECP Philosopher's Walk: Dramatic Diamorpha at Arabia Mountain 

Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 8am - ~1pm
Arabia Mountain
3350 Klondike Road | Stonecrest, GA 30038

Join us for a fun hike finding diamorpha at Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve! Once each year a rare plant, diamorpha smallii, turns an eye-catching red before donning pure, white flowers. Although it is only a couple inches tall, this show-stopping plant blankets the mountain pools at Arabia with crimson. As we hike, our Naturalist will share fascinating insights about Arabia Mountain’s Natural History and the ecosystems that support diamorpha along the Mountain Top Trail because this only plant thrives in open granite ecosystems. This is an easy-moderate hike perfect for all skill levels.

Carpooling is available. We will be leaving from the Jackson Street Building at 8am. 

Please register for this Philosopher's Walk for FREE here


EECP Seminar Series: Can Fashion be Sustainable?

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at 5:30pm
Jackson Street Building, Room 125
285 S Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602

Sanni Baumgärtner, owner of Community - a boutique for sustainable fashion and locally made products, opened in downtown Athens, Georgia in 2010.

 Come explore how fashion cycles have changed over time and what problems have come out of Fast Fashion (disconnect of producer and consumer, overconsumption, pollution, exploitation, waste). Then learn about ways that sustainable fashion has been trying to tackle the problems using the example of Community: Slow Fashion, a sustainable regional supply chain, circular fashion, resale, swaps, and mending, while also mentioning the challenges and limitations associated with this.

Community's mission is to create and sell sustainable clothing and goods by utilizing vintage and eco-friendly materials for minimum impact on the environment. They strive to foster and develop a local fashion and makers community with a sustainable regional supply chain for maximum impact on the local economy. 


EECP Seminar Series: Odum Environmental Ethics Lecture: Act of Restorative Kindness to the Earth

Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 5:30pm
Jackson Street Building, Room 125
285 S Jackson Street, Athens, GA 30602

Mary Reynolds, reformed Landscape Designer and Author, Founder of We are the ARK

Mary is a reformed internationally acclaimed landscape designer who launched her career at the Chelsea flower show in 2002, the story of which was made into a 2016 movie called “Dare to be Wild”. Bestselling author, inspirational speaker, occasional television presenter and founder of the global movement “We are the ARK”, a practical groundswell movement that finally shifts the environmental game in nature’s favour. The time for gardens as canvases for our creative pleasure is over. Everything must change and if we are to save the planet, then we must start with our own patches of it. It’s time to re-imagine our work as gardeners, to become leaders in the race to save our beautiful planet, to save ourselves.


EECP Philosopher's Walk: Thomas Farm Preserve

Saturday, April 27, 2024 at 8:30am
Thomas Farm Preserve
Watkinsville, GA 30621

Join us for a tour and development talk of the Thomas Farm Preserve. The City of Watkinsville is in the process of preserving the largest parcel of undeveloped land in the city, the 100-acre Thomas family farm. The Thomas property, located just inside the city limits along Simonton Bridge Road, includes more than 1/3 of a mile of frontage along Calls Creek, more than 60 acres of open pasture, 33 acres of woodlands, two ponds comprising approximately five acres, and one of Oconee County’s most iconic views.

“For decades, Watkinsville residents and Oconee County citizens have known they were almost to Main Street as they passed the two ponds on Simonton Bridge Road,” said Watkinsville Mayor Brian Brodrick.  “What many did not know is that beyond those ponds were acres of the most beautiful land in our entire region. We are thrilled to preserve this land for future passive public use and to limit future development along the Simonton Bridge corridor, which already suffers from congestion at peak hours. The city council and I believe this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

The new park will be equal to more than 4.5 percent of the entire land area of Watkinsville, and more than doubles the city’s usable greenspace while preserving critical acres of wetlands designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  

Carpooling is available. We will be leaving from the Jackson Street Building at 8:30am. 

Please register for this Philosopher's Walk for FREE here

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