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Daniel Nadenicek


Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 706-540-6013
Street address: 10 Bishop House
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Biographical Information

Dan Nadenicek holds degrees in Landscape Architecture and History from the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University, Mankato. He taught landscape architecture at Penn State for 11 years before chairing the Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture at Clemson University from 2002 to 2008. He joined the University of Georgia and the College of Environment and Design in the Fall of 2008 as dean.


Throughout his career Nadenicek has focused his teaching and research on landscape history, the history of landscape architecture, and landscape architectural theory. His research and writing has focused on the origins of the profession in 19th century America and the relationship between early landscape architects and prominent literary figures such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; the influence of such prominent Americans as Frederick Billings, who started a scientific forest in Woodstock, Vermont a full twenty years before the Biltmore Forest, on American planning and conservation; and the application of the concepts of use and reception to the design and development of American Parks. Recent scholarship includes a study of equalization schools in Georgia, a reexamination of memorialization in various contexts, and an environmental history of the Savannah River.

He has also taught courses on landscape architectural history, brought history and theory into graduate seminars, and taught students how to work with historic precedents in design studios.

Selected Publications

Nadenicek, Daniel, Benevolent Guidance: Frederick Billings and Origins of Nineteenth-Century American Planning, book contract and manuscript in progress with the Library of American Landscape History and University of Georgia Press (three of eight chapters completed; expected publication April 2019)

Goetcheus, Cari and Daniel Nadenicek, eds., Handbook for Cultural Landscapes, book contract with Routledge Publishing (expected publication April 2020)

Nadenicek, Daniel J. and David Pitt, “It’s Still About History: Editors’ Introduction,” Landscape Journal Fall 2016, 34:2 (iv – vi).

Nadenicek, Daniel, “Use and Reception,” chapt 2 in vol 5, Cultural History of Gardens: History of Gardens in the Age of Empire, Oxford, UK: Berg Publishers, 2013.

Nadenicek, Daniel and Doug Pardue, “Landscape Architecture,” The Encyclopedia of Housing,Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2012.

Gobster, Paul, Joan Nassauer, and Daniel Nadenicek, “Landscape Journal: Charting a Course for the Next 25 Years,” Landscape Journal Spring 2010, 29:1 (52 – 70).

Bornholdt, Hanna and Daniel Nadenicek, “Expanding Preservation’s Boundaries in a German Industrial Landscape,” Exploring the Boundaries of Historic Landscape Preservation, Cari Goetcheus and Eric MacDonald, eds, Athens, GA, 2008.

Nadenicek, Daniel, “The Useful and The Beautiful: An American Analog to Pückler’s
Aesthetic,” Bulletin of the German Historical Institute 2007, 41: 4 (135 – 48)

Yilmaz, Umit and Daniel Nadenicek. “Community Life and Places of Death,” Book Chapter in Service-Learning in Architecture and Planning, 2007.

Nadenicek, Daniel and Robert Hewitt, “Time, Place, and Health: New Frames of Reference for the Design of Healthy Environments,” CELA Proceedings 2005, Athens, GA, 2005.

Yahner, Thomas and Daniel Nadenicek, “Broadening the Base: History in Large Changing Landscapes,” Borderlands: The Shared Canadian and U. S. Experience of Landscape, Heritage Resource Centre, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2002 (125 –35).

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph and Lance Neckar, introductory essay for ASLA reprinting of H.W.S. Cleveland, Landscape Architecture as Applied to the Wants of the West with an Essay on Forest Planting on the Great Plains, Library of American Landscape History project, University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, MA., 2002.

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph, “Commemoration in the Landscape of Minnehaha: ‘A Halo of Poetic Association,'” Places of Commemoration, Search for Identity in Landscape Design, volume 19 of Dumbarton Oaks History of Landscape Architecture Colloquium Series, 2001 (55 – 79).

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph and Catherine M. Hastings, “Environmental Rhetoric, Environmental Sophism: The Words and Work of Landscape Architecture,” Environmentalism in Landscape Architecture, volume 22 of Dumbarton Oaks History of Landscape Architecture Colloquium Series, 2000 (133 – 62).

Szczygiel, Bonj and Daniel Joseph Nadenicek, “Beaux Arts from Above?: City Beautiful and the Legacy of Women’s Improvement Organizations,” Building Toward Diversity: Selected CELA Annual Conference Papers, 1999 (151 – 62).

Yahner, Thomas and Daniel Joseph Nadenicek, “Community by Design: Contemporary
Problems / Historic Resolve,” Landscape and Urban Planning 1997, 39 (137-51).

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph, “Emerson’s Aesthetic and Natural Design: A Theoretical Foundation for the Work of Cleveland,” Nature and Ideology, volume 18 of Dumbarton Oaks History of Landscape Architecture Colloquium Series,1997 (59 -80).

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph, “The Poetry of Landscape Ecology: An Historical Perspective,” Landscape and Urban Planning 1997, 37 (123-127).

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph, “Sleepy Hollow Cemetery,” Encyclopedia of Transcendentalism, Wesley T. Mott, ed., Greenwood Press, 1996 (199-200).

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph, “Civilization by Design: Emerson and Landscape Architecture,” Nineteenth Century Studies 1996, 10 (33-47).

Luymes, Don T, Daniel Joseph Nadenicek, and Kenneth Tamminga, “Across the Great Divide: Landscape Architecture, Ecology, and the City,” Renewing the American City: Proceedings of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Karen L. Niles, ed., 1995 (187-196).

Nadenicek, Daniel, “Sleepy Hollow Cemetery: Philosophy Made Substance,” Emerson Society Papers Spring 1994, 4 (1- 2, 5).

Nadenicek, Daniel, “Nature in the City: Horace Cleveland’s Aesthetic,” Landscape and Urban Planning 1993, 26 (5-15).

Nadenicek, Daniel Joseph, “Early Visions for a System of Connected Parks,” Marrying Beauty with Utility: International Linear Parks Conference Proceedings 1993, 4 (102-109).

Nadenicek, Daniel, “Sleepy Hollow Cemetery: Transcendental Garden and Community Park,” Journal of the New England Garden History Society Fall 1993, 3 (8-14).


Fellow, American Society of Landscape Architects
Fellow, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture
President, Board of Directors, Library of American Landscape History
Member, Board of Trustees, Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center
Member, Board of Advisors, Southern Highlands Reserve
Member, Board of Directors, Douglas C. Allen Institute for the Study of Cities
Member, Board of Directors of the Wormsloe Foundation
Member, Board of Advisors, University of Georgia Press
Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Honors and Awards

2017               Selected as Honorary Member of the Garden Club of America
2016               Inducted as a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects
2016               Inducted as a Fellow of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture
2009              Outstanding Administrator Award, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture
2004              South Carolina American Planning Association Award for
                       large-scale master planning with Umit Yilmaz
2001–2004    Horace Cleveland Visiting Lecturer at the University of Minnesota
2000              Horace Cleveland Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota
2000              Best Paper Award, Eastern Communication Association Conference
1998–2000    Term Fellow, Institute for the Arts and Humanistic Studies
1996               Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture National Award of Recognition
                       for excellence in research, teaching, and public service
1994               Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State