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Hire a CED Graduate


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CED is proud to announce that we are now partnering with the UGA Career Center to use Handshake, a free comprehensive resource that will allow you to advertise your open positions, connect with our students, register for career fairs, and schedule interviews. UGA students and alumni have exclusive access to Handshake to search for career, internship opportunities, and receive personalized recommendations based on their skill sets, strengths, and indicated interests.

We value the input of our alumni and professionals, so if you would like to have a personal conversation about an upcoming graduate, please contact the Program Director for your profession:  

Please note: After joining Handshake, creating your profile and connecting with your company, you’ll need to get permission to connect with UGA/CED in order to begin the recruiting process.  To learn more read: How do I search for schools and request approval?

As soon as you request approval, you’ll be placed in “Pending” status until UGA’s Career Services staff approves your request to connect with CED.  While you’re in Pending status, you won’t yet be able to interact with students at CED, post events, or create interview schedules. You are welcome to create a job posting, but you won’t actually be able to post it to CED (and our students) until you are approved.

Each school has it’s own policy regarding employer approval time frames, although most try to approve employer requests within a couple of business days. If you have an immediate need to engage with CED and have not received approval, please contact CED’s Career Center Consultant.

Listing your job so that CED students can see it!

  1. In the Details section under Job Functions  select – “Architecture & Planning”.
  2. Once you get to the Preferences Section of the job posting you will then see where you can select majors.
  3. To select Landscape Architecture, choose the “click here” option at the bottom of the list that says “These majors consolidate individual majors across every school on Handshake. To choose a specific major by individual school click here.
  4. When you do so, search for and select “University of Georgia” as the school and then search for “Landscape Architecture”.
  5. Once you have done this, the students within CE+D will be able to find your job posting easily.


FAQs About Using Handshake

Learn more about posting jobs and internships

How to create your Handshake account:

If you want to hire a BLA student for an internship, please contact Internship Coordinator, Cameron Berglund, at 706-542-7303 or


If you want to advertise a student/temporary job, please contact Jennifer Lewis at 706-542-6760 or
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