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College of Environment and Design

Recent Lectures


Date Title Speaker Recording
11/20/2023 In Search of Identity: Bulgarian Postwar and Postsocialist Architecture Aneta Vasileva Watch
11/14/2023 Rivercane: Cultural Workhorse and Ecological Powerhouse David Cozzo Watch
10/24/2023 Rebirth of the American Chestnut as a Dominant Forest Species in Eastern North America Scott Merkle Watch
10/12/2023 Architecture of the Last Colony Mark McDonald Watch
10/11/2023 Georgia's Fallen Giants: Celebrating American Chestnuts Through Scale, Sculpture, and Whimsy Cameron Berglund Watch
10/04/2023 Making Humanity Urban: The Second Urban Revolution Robert Fishman Watch
10/02/2023 Sustainability in the Built Environment Joe Rozza Watch
09/27/2023 Landscape and Memory Sierra Bainbridge Coming Soon
09/15/2023 How to get an Article Published in a Top Journal Dr. John Drake, Dr. Galen NewmanDr. Jeff Hepinstall-Cymerman, Dr. Stephen Ramos, Dr. Marshall Shepherd Watch
04/12/2023 A World Cast in Concrete: How the US Built its Empire Vyta Pivo Watch
04/05/2023 From Pathways to Partnership - Public Health and Landscape Architecture Donnie Longenecker Watch
03/27/2023 Valuing Water, Culture, and Heritage Carola Hein Watch
03/22/2023 Vegetated Roof Adoption in an Urbanizing World James Schulte Watch

Young People's Right to the City

Adina Cox, Mariela Fernandez, Sarah Little, Katherine Melcher, Juan Torres


From Mobility to Accessibility: Transforming Urban Transportation and Land-Use Planning

Jonathan Levine


The Infrastructure of Design: Reflections on the Creative Process

Matt Cherry


Ship Sounding: Waterway, Port City and Hinterland

Stephen Ramos


Land Rights and Climate Change in Cities of the Global South

Ellen Bassett


Forests as Fuel: Energy, Landscape, Race, and Climate in the U.S. South

Sarah Hitchner
John Schelhas 


Thinking Big? On Size and Scale in (Geo)design

Carl Steinitz


PPT Pres


Cultural Landscapes and the Role of African Design Philosophy in the Built Environment

Nmadili Okwumabua


How to Publish a Book with a Reputable Press: A Panel on Academic Publishing

Beth Clevenger, Nate Holly, Michael McGandy, Tim Mennel


Learning to LEED: Ecolabels, Innovation, and Green Market Transformation

Daniel Matisoff


Ruins and the Role of Water in Creating and Preserving the Anatolian Urban Landscape, 100-600 AD

Ron Sawhill


On the Swamp: Indigenous Erasure, Environmental Justice, and the Transformation of North Carolina’s Coastal Plain

Ryan Emmanuel


Collaboratively Creating an Illustrated Storybook About Indigenous Wounaan and Birds: Storying, Weaving, and Polishing

Julie Velasquez Runk, Frankie Grin


The Meaning of Olmsted – A Bicentennial Conversation

Lucy Lawliss, Spencer Tunnell, Bill Mann


Frederick Law Olmsted and the Reconstruction South

Scott Nesbit


Designing and Planning Cities to Foster Inclusion

Diane Davis


Design for a Living World: Reconnecting Planning, Design and Public Health for Resilient Cities

Joyce Klein Rosenthal


Human Impacts on Wildlife Populations

James Beasley


Writing About Unique Landscapes and Places Through Immersion, Reporting, and Research

Holly Haworth


Geospatial technologies in Environmental Planning and Design: Past, Present and Future

Rosanna Rivero


Socio-ecological Implications of Aging and Obsolete Wastewater Infrastructure

Krista Capps


Readings from "Wild Spectacle: Seeking Wonders in a World Beyond Humans"

Janisse Ray


Catching the Bullet: The Mystery of Mastery

Adam Gopnik


Local and Regional Policy Efforts for Equitable Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Tybee Island Local Government Leadership Panel

Shirley Sessions

Shawn Gillen

Alan Robertson


Aesthetic Confessions: Questioning Taste in Landscape Architecture

Katherine Melcher Watch

History and Transformation of Athens’ Hot Corner

Scott Nesbit Watch

Teaching Design Thinking

Madlen Simon Watch

Environmental Leadership: Hope, Women Workers, and Small Business in Haiti

Christine Cuomo N/A

Book Release: “Beauty of the Wild” by Darrel Morrison
A talk and book-signing by the author

Darrel Morrison Watch

Designed Landscapes Inspired by Native Plant Communities

Darrel Morrison Watch

The Place to Be: Evaluating People and the Environment through Social Media Data

Dr. Jessica Fernandez Watch
04/20/2021 Advancing Locally-led Climate Adaptation through Collective Impact Water Management Jenny Hoffner N/A
04/14/2021 Learning from Jane Jacobs’s "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" Sixty Years Later Sonia Hirt Watch
04/13/2021 Virtual screening and conversation with Dorinda Dallmeyer, Producer of Cultivating the Wild: William Bartram's Travels Dorinda Dallmeyer Link coming soon
03/30/2021 The Montology of Community-Based Conservation: Earth Ethics in Tropandean Mountainscapes Fausto Sarmiento Watch
03/17/2021 Environmental Issues of Cultural Heritage Cari Goetcheus Watch
03/09/2021 Future Beyond Refining Bethany Wiggin Watch
03/03/2021  Why Old Places Matter: Heritage, Belonging, and Place  Tom Mayes Watch
02/23/2021 From the Everglades to Regenerative Organic Agriculture, the Need for Stakeholder Involvement in Conservation Kristie Wendelberger  N/A
02/3/2021 Learning from Robert Venturi's
"Learning from Las Vegas"
José Buitrago Watch
12/2/2020 Roberto Burle Marx: Landscape as Art and Urbanism 
Book Presentation and Lecture
Panel Discussants: Darrel Morrison and Ian Firth; Moderator: Stephen Ramos
Gareth Doherty  N/A

Delicious Terror! Gothic Landscapes in Literature, the Arts and Popular Culture

Shelley Cannady Watch

CSI: Dixie – Investigating the Environmental and Social Justice of Death in the Nineteenth Century South

Stephen Berry  N/A

The Ethics of Rare Plant Conservation

Jennifer Ceska Watch
10/14/2020 Georgia's Equalization Schools, 1950-70 Dan Nadenicek Watch

Aldo Leopold: Manager or Moralist?

Piers Stephens Watch
03/04/2020 The Art of Conservation Philip Juras Watch
02/26/2020 Biophilic Cities: Design for Planetary Health and Human Flourishing Tim Beatley Watch
02/12/2020 American Land Use Regulation in Comparative Perspective Sonia Hirt Watch
01/15/2020 The Sustainable University Campus: Experiences from Honduras Jack Crowley Watch
11/13/2019 Landscape and Urban Design for People of All Ages and Abilities Jack Carman N/A
11/12/2019 Science-Enabled Policy and Disaster Response. Lessons from the Deepwater Horizon Samantha Joye N/A
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"1950s-70s Downtown Commercial Revitalization: The Physical Imprint and Legacy"
Adrian Scott Fine Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"The Bold and the Exaggerated: Roadside Architecture of Route 66 in California"
Chad Moffett and Liz Boye Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Roadside Landscapes: Effective Connections & Interpretation"
Aaron Marcavitch Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Fillin’ Up Your Tank: Mid-Century Service Stations"
Jamee Fiore Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"The Open Front: Midcentury Commercial Design, Assemblies, & Materials"
Carol Dyson Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Surveying Modernist Architecture in Charlotte, North Carolina"
Susan V. Mayer Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Dipped Cones, Sundaes, and Mix-ins: Ice Cream Stands of the Postwar Era"
Emily Pettis and Tim Smith Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Making Sense of Mid-Century Commercial Architecture"
Lauren Patterson Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"3M Center: The Idea Factory"
Sebastian Renfield Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Form Follows Function: The Innovative Architecture of Jack in the Box"
Margaret Roderick Watch
10/17/2019 Urban Soil Design and Climate Change in the Southeast Barrett Kays Watch
10/01/2019 Preserving Global Cultural Heritage in Times of War and Conflict Irina Bokova N/A
8/28/2019 Ecological Planting Design: Strategies for Southeastern Landscapes Brad Davis Watch
4/24/2019 Wellsprings of Design Thinking in Landscape Architecture Marianne Cramer N/A
4/10/2019 The Reconstruction of Southern Landscape Scott Nesbit N/A
4/09/2019 Port City Futures Carola Hein N/A
3/28/2019 Field Forest Flora: Exhibit Opening and Gallery Talk Susan McAlister N/A
3/27/2019 Collecting Streets David Spooner N/A
3/25/2019 Ten Newish Things in Digital Design Stephen Ervin N/A
3/07/2019 Restoring the Future Keith Bowers Watch
2/27/2019 Seeking Sacred Spaces: The Influence of Landscape Architects on the American University Campus John Anderson N/A
2/13/2019 Landscapes of Postmodernity: Changes in the Fabric of Central-East European Cities 1990-2000 Sonia Hirt Watch
01/23/2019 Reconstructing Historic Landmarks: Fabrication, Negotiation, and the Past Wade Brown N/A
01/16/2019 The New American Garden. The Landscape Architecture of Oehme, van Sweden Eric Groft Watch
11/14/2018 Using GeoDesign to Tame Wicked Problems Brian Orland N/A
10/24/2018 Who Owns the Past? Competing Cleims for Antiquities from the Holy Land Morag Kersel N/A
10/17/2018 Panel Discussion on Affordable Housing
Supported by HGOR; Panelists: Casey Dawkins, John Goff, Cecil Philips, Matt Samuelson, Denise Starling
Moderator: Bob Hughes Watch
10/05/2018 The Ray Allie Kelly N/A
9/07/2018 Neel Reid Memorial Lecture
When the Garden Club of America comes to Town: Atlanta 1932
Spencer Tunnell N/A

 James Rose, a Voice Offstage

Dean Cardasis N/A
10/11/2017 HGOR Lecture
Values and Process: The Evolving work of Nelson Byrd Woltz
Warren Byrd and Thomas Woltz N/A
9/13/2017 Vincent Ferguson Lecture Resilience Stephanie Stuckey Benfield N/A
5/2017 Graduation  Steve Nygren N/A
4/21/2017 Annual Neel Reid Lecture, sponsored by the Peachtree Garden Club Allan Armitage N/A
3/23/2017 Landscape, Remembrance, and Healing Rich Panico N/A
2/16/2017 Cities, Nature, and Health: How can biophilic design build human well-being? Jenny Roe N/A
2/2/2017 Planting in a Post-Wild World Thomas Rainer N/A
1/19/2017 Movie and Lecture on Frederick Law Olmsted Laurence Cotton N/A
1/12/2017 State of the College Address Dan Nadenicek N/A
10/27/2016 Vincent Ferguson Lecture Angel David Nieves N/A
10/13/2016 HGOR Lecture Kurt Culbertson N/A
9/29/2016 President-elect of the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) Vaughn Rinner N/A
3/16/2016 Alumnae Leaders in Landscape Architecture Missy Madden, Katherine Bridges, Chris Hite, Anne Daigh N/A
2/25/2016 Vincent Ferguson Lecture
Now Urbanism: Design with the Present City
Jeffrey Hou N/A
10/22/2015 Vincent Ferguson Lecture
Vision and Meaning on Medieval Iberia's Frontier: Multiple-scale Modeling of Contested Spaces
Ed Triplett N/A
10/10/2015 The Brother Gardeners: Botany, Empire, and the Birth of an Obsession Andrea Wulf N/A
9/25/2015 The Ecology, Design and Management of Sustainable Meadow and Praire Plantings James Hitchmough N/A
9/4/2015 Student Involvement in ASLA and GSLA K. Richard (Dick) Zweifel N/A
9/3/2015 The City is a Landscape: Empathy, Design and the Space Between Buildings David Rubin N/A
3/1/2013 Landscape as Infrastructure: Towards an Ecological Urbanism Nina-Marie Lister N/A
2/21/2013 The Poetics and Politics of Infrastructure Brian Larkin N/A
1/23/2013 The Changing Role of Planting Design in Chinese Landscape Architecture Li Dong N/A
11/14/2012 Ecological Infrastructure: Framing the World as a Work of Art Patricia Johanson N/A
10/4/2012 Beautiful Big Feet: Toward a New Landscape Aesthetic Kongjian Yu N/A
8/30/2012 Memory Infrastructure Randal Mason N/A
3/10/2011 Cultural Reinvention in Germany's Ruhr District: The Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord
Co-sponsored by UGA Germanic and Slavic Studies
Kagel and Hemmings N/A
2/03/2011 Dean Hill Dean Hill N/A
11/11/2010 Witold Rybczynski Witold Rybczynski N/A
10/12/2010 Global Trends in Heritage Conservation: Adapting to a New Reality Gustavo Araoz N/A
9/15/2010 Sample Works Vladimir Djurovic N/A
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