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All Recent Lectures

Date Title Speaker Recording
03/30/2021 The Montology of Community-Based Conservation: Earth Ethics in Tropandean Mountainscapes Fausto Sarmiento Watch
03/17/2021 Environmental Issues of Cultural Heritage Cari Goetcheus Watch
03/09/2021 Future Beyond Refining Bethany Wiggin Watch
03/03/2021  Why Old Places Matter: Heritage, Belonging, and Place  Tom Mayes Watch
02/23/2021 From the Everglades to Regenerative Organic Agriculture, the Need for Stakeholder Involvement in Conservation Kristie Wendelberger  N/A
02/3/2021 Learning from Robert Venturi's
"Learning from Las Vegas"
José Buitrago Watch
12/2/2020 Roberto Burle Marx: Landscape as Art and Urbanism 
Book Presentation and Lecture
Panel Discussants: Darrel Morrison and Ian Firth; Moderator: Stephen Ramos
Gareth Doherty  N/A

Delicious Terror! Gothic Landscapes in Literature, the Arts and Popular Culture

Shelley Cannady Watch

CSI: Dixie – Investigating the Environmental and Social Justice of Death in the Nineteenth Century South

Stephen Berry  N/A

The Ethics of Rare Plant Conservation

Jennifer Ceska Watch
10/14/2020 Georgia's Equalization Schools, 1950-70 Dan Nadenicek Watch

Aldo Leopold: Manager or Moralist?

Piers Stephens Watch
03/04/2020 The Art of Conservation Philip Juras Watch
02/26/2020 Biophilic Cities: Design for Planetary Health and Human Flourishing Tim Beasley Watch
02/12/2020 American Land Use Regulation in Comparative Perspective Sonia Hirt Watch
01/15/2020 The Sustainable University Campus: Experiences from Honduras Jack Crowley Watch
11/13/2019 Landscape and Urban Design for People of All Ages and Abilities Jack Carman  
11/12/2019 Science-Enabled Policy and Disaster Response. Lessons from the Deepwater Horizon Samantha Joye  
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"1950s-70s Downtown Commercial Revitalization: The Physical Imprint and Legacy"
Adrian Scott Fine Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"The Bold and the Exaggerated: Roadside Architecture of Route 66 in California"
Chad Moffett and Liz Boye Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Roadside Landscapes: Effective Connections & Interpretation"
Aaron Marcavitch Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Fillin’ Up Your Tank: Mid-Century Service Stations"
Jamee Fiore Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"The Open Front: Midcentury Commercial Design, Assemblies, & Materials"
Carol Dyson Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Surveying Modernist Architecture in Charlotte, North Carolina"
Susan V. Mayer Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Dipped Cones, Sundaes, and Mix-ins: Ice Cream Stands of the Postwar Era"
Emily Pettis and Tim Smith Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Making Sense of Mid-Century Commercial Architecture"
Lauren Patterson Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"3M Center: The Idea Factory"
Sebastian Renfield Watch
10/25/2019 Kodachrome Commerce Symposium
"Form Follows Function: The Innovative Architecture of Jack in the Box"
Margaret Roderick Watch
10/17/2019 Urban Soil Design and Climate Change in the Southeast Barrett Kays Watch
10/01/2019 Preserving Global Cultural Heritage in Times of War and Conflict Irina Bokova  
8/28/2019 Ecological Planting Design: Strategies for Southeastern Landscapes Brad Davis Watch
4/24/2019 Wellsprings of Design Thinking in Landscape Architecture Marianne Cramer  
4/10/2019 The Reconstruction of Southern Landscape Scott Nesbit  
4/09/2019 Port City Futures Carola Hein  
3/28/2019 Field Forest Flora: Exhibit Opening and Gallery Talk Susan McAlister  
3/27/2019 Collecting Streets David Spooner  
3/25/2019 Ten Newish Things in Digital Design Stephen Ervin  
3/07/2019 Restoring the Future Keith Bowers Watch
2/27/2019 Seeking Sacred Spaces: The Influence of Landscape Architects on the American University Campus John Anderson  
2/13/2019 Landscapes of Postmodernity: Changes in the Fabric of Central-East European Cities 1990-2000 Sonia Hirt Watch
01/23/2019 Reconstructing Historic Landmarks: Fabrication, Negotiation, and the Past Wade Brown  
01/16/2019 The New American Garden. The Landscape Architecture of Oehme, van Sweden Eric Groft Watch
11/14/2018 Using GeoDesign to Tame Wicked Problems Brian Orland  
10/24/2018 Who Owns the Past? Competing Cleims for Antiquities from the Holy Land Morag Kersel  
10/17/2018 Panel Discussion on Affordable Housing
Supported by HGOR; Panelists: Casey Dawkins, John Goff, Cecil Philips, Matt Samuelson, Denise Starling
Moderator: Bob Hughes Watch
10/05/2018 The Ray Allie Kelly  
9/07/2018 Neel Reid Memorial Lecture
When the Garden Club of America comes to Town: Atlanta 1932
Spencer Tunnell  

 James Rose, a Voice Offstage

Dean Cardasis  
10/11/2017 HGOR Lecture
Values and Process: The Evolving work of Nelson Byrd Woltz
Warren Byrd and Thomas Woltz  

Vincent Ferguson Lecture

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield  
5/2017 Graduation  Steve Nygren  
4/21/2017 Annual Neel Reid Lecture, sponsored by the Peachtree Garden Club Allan Armitage  
3/23/2017 Landscape, Remembrance, and Healing Rich Panico  
2/16/2017 Cities, Nature, and Health: How can biophilic design build human well-being? Jenny Roe  
2/2/2017 Planting in a Post-Wild World Thomas Rainer  
1/19/2017 Movie and Lecture on Frederick Law Olmsted Laurence Cotton  
1/12/2017 State of the College Address Dean Dan Nadenicek  
10/27/2016 Vincent Ferguson Lecture Angel David Nieves  
10/13/2016 HGOR Lecture Kurt Culbertson  
9/29/2016 President-elect of the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) Vaughn Rinner  
3/16/2016 Alumnae Leaders in Landscape Architecture Missy Madden, Katherine Bridges, Chris Hite, Anne Daigh  
2/25/2016 Vincent Ferguson Lecture
Now Urbanism: Design with the Present City
Jeffrey Hou  
10/22/2015 Vincent Ferguson Lecture
Vision and Meaning on Medieval Iberia's Frontier: Multiple-scale Modeling of Contested Spaces
Ed Triplett  
10/10/2015 The Brother Gardeners: Botany, Empire, and the Birth of an Obsession Andrea Wulf  
9/25/2015 The Ecology, Design and Management of Sustainable Meadow and Praire Plantings James Hitchmough  
9/4/2015 Student Involvement in ASLA and GSLA K. Richard (Dick) Zweifel  
9/3/2015 The City is a Landscape: Empathy, Design and the Space Between Buildings David Rubin  
3/10/2011 Cultural Reinvention in Germany's Ruhr District: The Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord
Co-sponsored by UGA Germanic and Slavic Studies
Kagel and Hemmings  
2/03/2011 Dean Hill Dean Hill  
11/11/2010 Witold Rybczynski Witold Rybczynski  
10/12/2010 Global Trends in Heritage Conservation: Adapting to a New Reality Gustavo Araoz  
9/15/2010 Sample Works Vladimir Djurovic  
List of available recordings 


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