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College of Environment and Design


A Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning prepares individuals to work in a range of settings, including universities, governmental agencies at various levels (counties and cities, regional and state, and federal agencies), private consulting, research and development firms, and non-profit organizations. The program enables students to develop interdisciplinary skills in order to expand on knowledge gained from other disciplines linked to ecology, environmental science, history, sociology, environmental engineering, disaster management, and other fields to solve current social needs in such areas as public health, climate change, sustainability, and resilient communities.

The program is uniquely housed within the CED’s three discipline areas (landscape architecture, environmental planning, and historic preservation) and is linked to the college culture of research, design, and design implementation driven by a commitment to sustainability. The program offers a multidimensional approach that combines ecological, socio-cultural, and economic considerations.

Requirements for the Ph.D. include successful completion of all required course work and an approved dissertation.

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