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College of Environment and Design

STUDY AWAY (Georgia)


This program is a three-week intensive course that serves as an introduction to the field of Historic Preservation along with skills in site documentation, hands-on conservation techniques, and conservation strategies for cultural resources on Georgia’s coast.  Techniques of measuring will consist of traditional hand measuring and simple surveying.  Conservation skills include carpentry, masonry, epoxy, and painting.  Site visits to Sapelo Island, Cumberland Island, Fort Frederica, and other sites will examine differing approaches to conservation and interpretation.

2022 Dates: May 18 - June 8
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Study AWAY (International)


Croatia Window

The Croatia Maymester Study Abroad Program offers students the opportunity to study various aspects of Croatian culture and  society. Courses are taught by UGA faculty and use active engagement approaches that will take students into different regions and allow them to interact with scholars from Croatian universities and research institutes, local government officials, leaders of non-governmental organizations, and citizens from different walks of life. Classes in heritage conservation and art history will explore Croatia's rich heritage, how it reflects its people, and how it's being managed today. 





 Cortona, Italy

Tower in Cortona, Italy

Italians spend much of their time outdoors and their cities reflect this. Cortona is a walled hill town with an extremely compact and pleasant living environment, surrounded by views of cultivated valleys, a large lake, mountains, and other natural elements. In addition to the invaluable experience of living in this community, you may visit “text-book cities” such as San Gimignano, Urbino, Lucca, Perugia, and Pienza, where urban form reflects centuries of changing values and attitudes. You will study contemporary urban design with an increased understanding of low-rise, high-density urban areas, multi-use open space, mixed-use developments, and the co-existence of people and vehicles which have been successfully maintained and basically unchanged over many centuries in Italy. Read more about the Cortona study abroad program.

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