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College of Environment and Design


The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program enrolls up to 18 students each year into the three-year track, and approximately 10 students in the accelerated tracks.

In order to be considered for assistantships, applicants are required to submit the following by January 15:

  • Graduate School Application Form and Fee Payment (International students click here).

  • UNOFFICIAL academic transcripts from all colleges and universities attended should be included in your online application. Official transcripts will be required for those admitted to UGA. More information.

  • Graduate Record Exam scores –WAIVED. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is no longer required for admission to the MLA program at UGA. We are happy to review your scores as part of the overall application package if you choose to take the GRE and would like to submit your scores. Exam scores are one out of many metrics used to evaluate candidate suitability and the award of assistantship funding. However, the admissions committee also places weight on creative aptitude as evidenced in candidate and referee letters, experience, interviews with the coordinator, and the portfolio.  

  • Three letters of recommendation – As part of the online application, you will need to furnish accurate email address information for individuals to provide three letters of recommendation.  The link for the form will be electronically sent to your recommender while completing the online application.

  • A letter of intent, outlining the reasons for the applicant’s interest in landscape architecture, the relevance of previous education and experience, and the applicant’s aims and ambitions. The letter should include how the applicant found out about landscape architecture as a potential field of study and work, why landscape architecture is the right field for the applicant, and what kind of application or contribution within the field is anticipated. The letter of intent is also the applicant’s opportunity to provide any additional information that might help the faculty to evaluate the applicant fully and accurately.

  • Although not required, a campus visit and meeting with the Graduate Coordinator is recommended for all applicants within half a day’s traveling time of Athens. Visits are strongly encouraged for all others who can arrange to travel to Athens. Visits assist the school in evaluating applicants accurately, and help applicants in selecting a school that can best meet their specific needs. Accommodations at the Georgia Center are available at a discount for prospective grad students. To arrange a campus visit, call 706-542-4720 or email

  • Applicants with prior training or experience in landscape architecture or another design field must submit a design portfolio. There are no restrictions on portfolio format; we request only that material be neat and easy to read. Digital portfolios are required and can be uploaded with your application as a document.

  • Applicants from non-design backgrounds are strongly encouraged to submit a portfolio with their application, as it can give a more complete picture of creative aptitude. The portfolio may include evidence of creative accomplishments in art, photography, theater, writing, music, dance, etc. Digital portfolios can be uploaded with your application as a document.

Applicants from foreign countries where English is not the native language are required in addition to submit TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores or the IELTS.

Send 1) optional test scores and 2) official transcripts from all institutions (required if admitted) to:
UGA Graduate School Admissions Office
210 South Jackson Street
Athens, Georgia 30602-4401

Matriculation in fall semester is encouraged; however, applications will be received throughout the year until spaces are filled. For mid-cycle application deadlines, refer to the Graduate School website

Acceptance letter response required; a letter of acceptance from the graduate school does not guarantee your place in the MLA program. The applicant must indicate acceptance of the admissions offer in writing.


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