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College of Environment and Design

Minor in Historic Preservation


Program Description

The minor in Historic Preservation will be helpful for students pursuing a career in history, architecture, landscape architecture, geography, engineering, interior design, urban and regional planning, and conservation. Students will develop a solid base knowledge of the tools and practices necessary for the conservation or sensitive adaptation of historic buildings and landscapes.

The Historic Preservation minor complements a range of majors, including those focused on history, the built environment, and the intersection of people and our environment:

  • Anthropology
  • Art and Art History
  • Business
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • History
  • Interior Design
  • Journalism
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
  • Pre-Law


Required Courses (6 hours)

HIPR 4000/6000 Introduction to Historic Preservation   3  


Choose One of the Following Courses:

  EDES 4610/6610   Vernacular Architecture   3  
EDES 4630/6630 The History and Theory of Twentieth-Century Architecture 3
LAND 4620/6620 Evolution of American Architecture 3





Electives (Choose at least 9 hours)

  HIPR 4030   Principles and Practices of Historic Preservation   3  
HIPR 4072 Issues in International Heritage Conservation 3
HIPR 4100 Cultural Resources Assessment 3
HIPR 4120 Historic Site Interpretation 3
HIPR 4200 Preservation Law 3
HIPR 4330 Introduction to Cultural Landscape Documentation 3
HIPR 4460 Rural Preservation 3
HIPR 4480 Introduction to Cultural Landscape Conservation  
HIPR 4811 Coastal Georgia Field Studies 3
HIPR 4950 Preservation Planning  
LAND 2510 History of the Built Environment I: Landscape 3
LAND 2520 History of the Built Environment II: Architecture 3
EDES 4601 Vernacular Architecture 3
EDES 4630 History of 20th Century Architecture 3













For more information, contact:
MHP Program Coordinator
Scott Nesbit
102 Denmark Hall



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