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College of Environment and Design

New Minor in Historic Preservation

The CED has just received approval of a new undergraduate minor in Historic Preservation. Starting immediately, students may add this minor to their chosen major, allowing them to pair an education in Historic Preservation with any number of major studies.


A minor in Historic Preservation will be especially helpful for students pursuing a career in history, architecture, landscape architecture, geography, engineering, interior design, urban and regional planning, and conservation. Across the minor’s required 18 hours of course credit, students will develop a solid base knowledge of the tools and practices necessary for the conservation or sensitive adaptation of historic buildings and landscapes.

 HP student does survey work. Credit UGA MARCOMM.

Historic Preservation survey work on Jekyll Island 


While this minor can be added to any undergraduate major, the Historic Preservation minor complements a range of majors, including those focused on history, the built environment, and the intersection of people and our environment:

  • Anthropology
  • Art and Art History
  • Business
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • History
  • Interior Design
  • Journalism
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
  • Pre-Law


The CED has offered a Master of Historic Preservation degree since 1982, preparing students for broad-based careers in the conservation and management of historic resources in both the built and natural environments. This new minor allows undergraduates to get a solid grounding in this multidisciplinary field.


Historic preservation survey work. Credit MARCOMM.Additional Historic Preservation work done on Jekyll Island


Students interested in the minor have a number of avenues by which to acquaint themselves with Historic Preservation before fully committing to a minor. Two First Year Odyssey courses introduce students to Historic Preservation: Is There a Future for the Past? An Introduction to Community Heritage Preservation,  and The Experience of Place, and Cultural Landscape Thinking.  An introductory course, HIPR 4000, Introduction to Historic Preservation is open to all undergraduates, providing an introduction to the field utilizing Athens and the University as a laboratory.


Should students wish to pursue a graduate degree in Historic Preservation, the CED offers a number of options.  In addition to the standard Master of Historic Preservation degree, there is an accelerated MHP degree, a dual Juris Doctorate/MHP degree, and Double Dawgs for students in History and Classics.


For more information, contact:
MHP Program Coordinator
James Reap
285 S. Jackson Street

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