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College of Environment and Design

BLA Students Install Temporary Sculptures at Founders Memorial Garden

Environmetal Sculptures in the Garden

Last Tuesday, thirteen of our first-year landscape architecture students installed temporary sculptures in the Founders Memorial Garden, located on UGA’s North Campus.

Students present one of the environmental sculptures in the garden pondStudents of Jose Buitrago’s design studio were divided into four different teams and each team was tasked with creating an environmental sculpture made entirely of 100% recyclable materials and found objects, but their challenges didn’t stop there. Each sculpture was also required to incorporate the garden setting that would surround it, in their choice of materials and in their concept. The students were to include at least one of the ancient Greeks four elements of life - earth, fire, water and air - in their design concepts and use one of three basic garden design elements of: a room with a view, a garden gate, and/or a focal point.

These sculptures, inspired by the student’s research on some of the most prominent environmental artists of the 20th and 21st Century, will remain installed at the Garden for only one week. At the end of that week, each team will deconstruct their temporary installations and recycle 100% of the materials they used. 

student sculptures in the garden

 The student’s public reveal of their installations was held on Tuesday, December 6th and their deconstruction will occur December 13th by noon. Don’t miss your chance to see these immersive, intricate sculptures before they’re gone!

Students exploring the environmental sculptures during presentations


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