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College of Environment and Design

Jessica Fernandez


Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 706-542-4717
Street address: 285 S Jackson St (142 JSB)
Athens, GA 30602
Jessica Fernandez

Professional Registration

Licensed Landscape Architect, #1347, South Carolina LEED Accredited Professional for Neighborhood Development, #10534111




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Biographical Information

Jessica Fernandez is an Assistant Professor in the College of Environment and Design. Dr. Fernandez's teaching incorporates contemporary approaches to site design exploration such as data visualization, VR/AR applications, and the investigation of emerging technologies. Her research focuses on the use of new and developing methods for site assessment, understanding place, and emergent design communication strategies in landscape architecture. She is also a licensed landscape architect, campus planner, and LEED AP in Neighborhood Development and has practiced for over a decade on a variety of award-winning projects nationwide. Dr. Fernandez owns a business practice, ALPHA Design studio, where she applies what she teaches and researches in the design and building industry.


Doctor of Philosophy in Planning, Design and the Built Environment, Summa cum laude, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina (2018)
Master of Landscape Architecture, Summa cum laude, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama (2007)
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design (with minors in Business and Spanish), Magna cum laude, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama (2005)


LAND 2220 Design Communication II
LAND 3030 Planting Design Studio
LAND 4250 & 6240 Portfolio Development
LAND 4360 Advanced Landscape Ecology
LAND 4380 Implementation Documents
LAND 4910 & 6910 Advanced Graphics
LAND 4900 & 6901 Senior Project & Graduate Capstone Studios
LAND 6020 Site Applications Studio



Emerging media for progressive landscape architectural design and communication strategies

Big data as a tool for understanding place-making and community improvement

Campus planning and urban design as they relate to human experience and social sustainability



Fernandez, J., Song, Y., Padua, M., Liu, P. (2022). A framework for urban parks: Using social media data to assess Bryant Park, New York. Landscape Journal.

George, B., Fernandez, J., Summerlin, P. (2022). The impact of virtual reality on student design decisions: Assessing density and proximity when designing in virtual reality versus traditional analog processes. Landscape Journal.

Longnecker, D., Jones, T., Fernandez, J., Spooner, D. (2021). Perspectives on documentation standards in design education: A strategic approach to AutoCAD implementation. Landscape Research Record, 10, 1-15.

Song, Y., Wang, R., Fernandez, J., Li, D. (2020). Investigating sense of place of the Las Vegas strip using online reviews and machine learning approaches. Landscape and Urban Planning. DOI: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2020.103956

Song, Y., Fernandez, J., & Wang, T. (2020). Understanding Perceived Site Qualities and Experiences of Urban Public Spaces: A Case Study of Social Media Reviews in Bryant Park, New York City. Sustainability. DOI: 10.3390/su12198036

Fernandez, J. & Powers, M. (2020). Before the neo-liberal campus: University, place, and the business of higher education. Architecture and Culture. DOI: 10.1080/20507828.2020.1805949

Fernandez, J., Powers, M., & Song, Y. (In press). “Measuring collaboration in community and campus planning.” Journal of Architecture and Planning Research.

Fernandez, J. & Song, Y.  Evaluating Landscape Character through Parametrical Indicators: A Case Study of the Campus-Community Edge. Proceedings, 54th Conference on International Making Cities Livable, Sante Fe, NM.

Song, Y. & Fernandez, J. A Glimpse of Big Data: How Social Media can Inform Urban Design. Proceedings, 54th Conference on International Making Cities Livable, Sante Fe, NM.




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