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Jessica Fernandez


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Jessica Fernandez




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Jessica Fernandez is Lecturer of Design Communication and Visual Literacy in the College of Environment and Design. Dr. Fernandez's teaching incorporates contemporary approaches to site design exploration such as data visualization, VR applications, and the investigation of emerging technologies. Her research focuses on campus planning and community building, as well as the use of new and developing design communications in landscape architecture. She is also a licensed landscape architect, campus planner, and LEED AP in Neighborhood Development and has practiced for over a decade on a variety of award-winning projects nationwide.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama (2005)
Master of Landscape Architecture, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama (2007)
Doctor of Philosophy in Planning, Design and the Built Environment, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina (2018)


LAND 2220 Design Communication II
LAND 4250 Portfolio Development
LAND 4360 Advanced Landscape Ecology
LAND 4380 Implementation Documents
LAND 4910 Advanced Graphics


Visualization and virtual reality for progressive landscape architectural design communications
Campus planning and urban design as they relate to human experience and social sustainability
Town-gown relations associated with higher education, corporate, and healthcare campus communities