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Zoom Webinar Instructions and Best Practices

Recommended Tips for Securing your Zoom Session

These Recommended Tips  include:

  • Ensure the Meeting ID is automatically generated and that the meeting has a password.  
  • Do not publicly post the Meeting ID and password. This includes posting to the UGA Master Calendar, which is public. 
  • Use the waiting room function to control when participants can join the meeting. As of November 30, 2020, the waiting room function is required for any participants who do not have a UGA MyID and is automatically turned on for all UGA Zoom accounts.
  • Designate multiple hosts who will help manage the waiting room and eject participants who disrupt the meeting. 
  • Disable the “join before host” feature and limit screen sharing to the host. 
  • Consider requiring MyID authentication for the meeting, so only those with UGA MyID accounts can attend.
  • Review settings prior to meetings to ensure best practices are in place.

Having trouble with audio or video settings in Zoom? Click here for troubleshooting.

Zoom sessions can be recorded on your local computer, or to the Zoom cloud. Cloud-recorded videos are transferred automatically to your Kaltura account (see below) for long term storage and access.

Kaltura is a media storage and streaming solution offered by UGA. You can access Kaltura by going to and logging in. All cloud-recorded Zoom videos automatically transfer to your Kaltura account within an hour or so of completion. Kaltura is your Zoom video storage; do not depend on Zoom for video storage.

Kaltura is also integrated with eLC, allowing easy access.

Video and audio file storage and sharing
Desktop capture and sharing

Basic Instruction Set

UGA Support Page


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CED classrooms and studios space layout and use

Classrooms and studio spaces in the CED are equipped for online teaching and lecture capture in a variety of forms.

Follow this link for details about specific instructional spaces

Follow this link for floorplans of CED buildings


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These spaces are for you! Gather to discuss a project. Share your display on the monitor. Meet others when they're in the collaboration space, and ask them about their work.

Follow this link for details

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