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College of Environment and Design

CED Student Job Board

Students can visit this site to find job opportunities requested by the public – a great way to hone one’s portfolio and resume. Job Board postings are updated monthly. New job requests will be announced via the CED-L listserv and posted to this site. When the project client selects someone, the posting will be closed and removed from the website.

If you are an interested student, please contact the owner directly. Students are responsible for negotiating their own terms of payment, if any. Job Board clients may be contacted by CED staff to assess their satisfaction with the CED Job Board experience.

If you are a member of the public and are interested in posting to our Job Board, please send us a Public Service Request.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lewis at or 706-542-6760.

Posted April 2019

Project Name: ACC Leisure Services Department Internship | Athens, GA
Contact: Cathy Padgett, 706-613-3800, (Send resume and portfolio)
Project Description: We are looking for a part time, paid graphic design intern. The position includes: assisting in the developing and designing brochures, calendars, fliers, posters, and other documents needed to promoted ACC Leisure Services activities and programs; creating brochures, calendars, and other graphic design needs for approval; designing flyers and brochures using Adobe In Design and Illustrator for approval.
Opportunities: Paid part-time internship; graphic design work; Adobe experience
Timeline: send resume and portfolio to email by May 6, 2019

Project Name: Yard Renewal Project | Athens, GA
Contact: Chris Kolisnyk, 215-431-2935,
Project Description: I am looking for some design work to create a backyard with minimal maintenance and erosion prevention on a two-acre piece of property. There are many hardwood trees present, and the property is along the Oconee River, so the terrain is fairly steep.
Opportunities: design work; minimal maintenance horticulture; erosion prevention
Challenges: steep terrain; existing hardwood trees
Timeline: 3 months
Budget for Design: $5,000
Budget for Installation: $50,000

Project Name: Backyard Drainage Project | Bethlehem, GA
Contact: Wanda Stover, 770-307-7100,
Project Description: I am looking for some design work to create a drainage system in a low area of my property. It is one-acre, but the problem is in the back area. I would like to be able to have the standing water removed, as well as the possible installation of a French drain.
Opportunities: design and work on water-removal and drainage project
Challenges: remove standing water
Timeline: As soon as possible
Budget for design and installation: $800-1,000

Project Name: Crab Farm and Weekend Resort| Gordon, GA
Contact: DeCedrick Grier,, 404-593-3411
Project Description: I'm trying to start the first commercial crab farm in the U.S. I've found a piece of property, 514 acres. 35 of the acres are 5 different sizes lakes, ideal for crab sanctuaries. I'm wanting to start a working farm and a weekend resort (cruise line atmosphere). I have the business plan written up, now I need some sketches/ drafts to submit with my plan. I also need an architectural scale model to submit with it also. I'm wanting to submit ALL of this in the 2019 Venture Capital World Summit in NYC on June 27th. There will be much to sketch and/or draft. All in all we'll be transforming 514 acres into an working oasis. NOTE: This can be an individual or group project can't wait to discuss more details with you. Also property owner will let you come to the property for a visit to take pics or measurements of the property
Opportunities: To design something that many will see and enjoy for many years to come. Help replenish crab populations. Put a dent in feral hog populations. A chance to add to your resume before you even graduate college. And possible advertisement for yourself and your school.
Challenges: Putting vision into action; large property; short timeline
Timeline: ASAP, mid-June (model)
Budget: $500-1000 for sketches, $1000-2000 for architectural scale model


Posted March 2019

Project Name: Ag Hill Service Learning | Athens, GA
Contact: Chip Chambers,
Project Description: Because the area on Ag Hill (pictured below) looks so bad on such prime real estate, it presents a prime opportunity for providing experiential learning to students at UGA, with the entire UGA community reaping the benefits. I propose that this area be used as an interdisciplinary project between different departments. We are looking for a student to oversee the design project and propose decorative plants that will prevent erosion on such a steep incline. NOTE: this is not high on UGA’s priority list, but it is of interest to current students only.
Opportunities: working with other disciplines to design and develop the landscape; beautifying campus
Challenges: steep incline of land; irrigation; low priority
Timeline: unknown
Budget: very limited

Project Name: Pinecrest House Zeroscaping/Space Efficiency/Drainage Project | Athens, GA.
Contact: Brian Seelos, 706-254-9002,
Project Description: We own a house on a small lot in Athens. We want to establish outdoor spaces that are functional for either outdoor living or growing plants/vegetables. Ideally this would eliminate the traditional yard (grass/bushes/etc.) and would establish a zeroscaping style, which requires minimal upkeep. Site could include garden boxes and growing spaces, patio space, outdoor fireplace, and retaining walls. We would also like to create a drainage system.
Opportunities: Create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space; minimal maintenance
Challenges: small lot; drainage; efficiently use the space
Timeline for Completion: Negotiable
Budget for Design Work: Minimal
Budget for Installation: undecided

Project Name: Five-Points Private Home Landscape Design | Athens, GA
Contact: Dr. Leonard Poon, 706-540-6685,
Project Description: Our house is situated in one acre in the Five Point area. The house was owned previously by the head of the biology department, a horticulturist.  A herd of deer that roams the neighborhood had pretty much destroyed the landscape, and I would like to consult with a student to design an easily maintained and environmentally attractive landscape as well as to consult on the hiring of a landscape company to get the job done. We would like to design an easily maintained and environmentally attractive landscape. We also request assistance in the negotiation of a reasonable construction budget and supervision of the work.
Opportunities: local design; negotiation and supervision of construction work
Challenges: deter deer from destroying the landscape; negotiation of reasonable
Timeline for Completion: Negotiable
Budget for Design/Installation: Negotiable (depending on work to be done)

Project Name: Japanese Inspired Backyard | Buckhead, GA
Contact: Aarti Aggarwal/Vinay Matai, 678-640-1238,
Project Description: We are inspired by Japanese gardens after visiting Japan 2 years ago. We ripped out many of the bushes and shrubbery shortly after we moved in, so it is basically a blank slate with one large tree. We want a walkable space, open and clean with short, soft grass. There is a swing, but it’s old and needs to be replaced. We would like to incorporate: rocks, pebbles, stone walkway, Buddha sculpture, bamboo along the bring exterior wall, Japanese Red Maple tree, varied green bushes, a water fountain, lights, fake paneled window. Also, we want a small herb garden. There is a nice size deck that needs to be re-finished. We are open to see a multitude of designs that are possible in this space. It would be great to continue the Japanese theme into the front yard with a few elements.
Opportunities: ability to create a unique, creative landscape and herb garden design, cozy deck space, and installation
Challenges: want to do a lot with a small space and budget
Timeline for Completion: Around 2 months
Budget for Design Work: Flexible
Budget for Installation: $10,000

Project Name: Princeton Mill Townhome Association | Athens, GA
Contact: Michael McLendon, 706-207-6068,
Project Description: Princeton Mill is off S Lumpkin St at James White Lane. There is a brick wall on the left when you drive onto James White Lane. We would like to turn that unused area on the backside of the wall into a gathering place with seating, maybe a swing, and a fire pit. We would like to have flowers and plants to make it attractive, and are likely to create a retaining wall on the slope to serve as a border with plants and flowers also. Any other suggestions to make the area visually appealing would be great.
Opportunities: create a recreational area for residents to use year-round
Challenges: Slope of part of the area
Timeline for completion: late summer or fall
Budget for design work: $500
Budget for installation: as needed

Project Name: Naturesque Backyard in Winterville | Winterville, GA
Contact: Lawrence Harris, 678-814-2230,
Project Description: We are hoping to create an oasis of a .75-acre backyard that is relaxing and walkable. There are many great potential plants: magnolia, daffodils, and beautiful trees. An incline to the house does collect water with rain, but it also creates an opportunity to design a pathway through the existing nature and plants in the yard. The yard is basically a blank slate. Would like to see a design that makes the yard a useable space (walkway, sitting area) without compromising the natural landscape.
Opportunities: large yard; blank slate; planting opportunities
Challenges: Yard has a lot of trees which homeowner likes, but would like them to be purposeful; weeds grow back quickly; lots of underbrush
Timeline for completion: Spring-Summer 2019
Budget for design work: $200
Budget for installation: Conservative


Posted Feb 2019

Project: Backyard Jungle to Oasis
Contact: Shauna Gammage, 404-805-1454,
Description: I have a home in Atlanta (30316) with a backyard of approximately .75 acres. It’s a jungle that we would like to transform into an oasis.  We would consider hiring a talented student or students to help us accomplish this.  It’s located in Fulton County and we need clearing, grading, design and installation.
Opportunities: design and implementation; practical application;
Challenges: clearing and grading land
Timeline for Completion: by August 2019
Budget: $15,000

Project: Block Backyard Re-design | Alpharetta, GA
Contact: Scott Block, 770-265-499,
Description: Seeking to turn a large (roughly ¼ acres), flat backyard into an enjoyable, low-maintenance outdoor space with hardscaping, a pea gravel pad for a fire pit, and new paths and plantings. We also need a remodel of a deck, as well as guidance on how it will fit into the landscape. We already have a professional plan that we own on which to draw ideas or implement as-is.
Opportunities: pre-established plan to draw on; implementation-focus; guidance on deck design
Challenges: deck plan
Timeline for completion: Flexible (weekend work would be fine)
Budget for design work: negotiable
Budget for installation: $10k total landscaping costs excluding the deck project.

Project: Circle C Redevelopment—Manufactured Home Community Rejuvenation | Bogart, GA
Contact: Johnathan Torrey, 678-848-6775,
Description:  Circle C Mobile Home Park was at one-point thriving community that many called home, but now it has fallen in disrepair. We believe Circle C has the potential to be a family-friendly community with affordable housing were families can thrive. We have an opportunity to rejuvenate Circle C by removing the old manufactured homes and bring in new homes. The Oconee County Planning Department has given us the opportunity to make small adjustments to the placement of the homes as well as suggest other improvements we judge could make this a better community. We are in the process of finishing an as-built survey. We are looking for someone to help reimagine the community and to take the as-built CAD file and design the following adjustments and recommendations: home placement driveway and parking; widening of road; signage; outdoor activity area/playground; walking trails; shed; community garden; etc.
Opportunities: onsite visits
Challenges: short timeline
Timeline: March 2019
Budget: TBD

Project: Liedberg House | Athens, GA
Contact: Margaret Liedberg, 7096-372-4765,
Description: We live on 5 acres in a home built by the Ivy family in 1934. We bought the home in 1998. The landscape in the front and back of the home were barely visible anymore when we moved in. With time, we uncovered the extensive terraced gardens in the front and back. A majority of the plantings didn't survive being covered by weeds, etc. over the years.  We need someone to determine what we should plant in the gardens. We also would like to possibly install grass in one field behind the house and maybe do wild flowers in the other field.
Opportunities: landscape architecture for terraced gardens; natural design
Challenges: timeline; wedding-setting
Timeline: By late spring (there is a wedding at the home in October, so it is preferred to have the location well-established by then)
Budget:  negotiable

Posted Jan 2019

Project: Rogers Backyard Makeover | Athens GA
Contact: Trev Rogers,, 706-254-1381
Description:  Homeowner desires a low maintenance, privacy screened, attractive backyard to host parties.  Goals: Privacy screen with low maintenance plants, grass growth, palm trees (if possible), an attractive area to host big groups.  Acreage:  approx. ¼.  Opportunities:  Spacious, freedom to be creative with design. Challenges:  Budget, drainage, the backyard has a significant slope, stumps need to be removed.
Timeline for completion:  2-4 months?
Budget for design work:  $250-500.
Budget for installation:  $2000


Posted NOV 2018

Project: Small Backyard Redesign | Flowery Branch, Hall County GA
Contact: Tracy Rider, (770) 540-2570,
Description: We would like to improve privacy and overall usability of a very small back yard. We are located in a subdivision. Our two-year-old granddaughter lives with us and she needs a place to play, complete with a playhouse/swing set. I hired a local architect to come out to take a look. She gave me a sketch, but there was nothing exciting or interesting about her design (basically a new fence and some plants). I would like to see some new hardscape, maybe a water or fire feature.  We will need a new patio (current concrete one is cracked and unsightly). Would like maybe a small court yard feel (think Avalon in Alpharetta). There is a sprinkler system already in place.
Timeline for completion: We would be ready to start project in the fall to make sure plantings are in after the hot weather is over.
Budget: 20-25K for entire project 


Posted OCT 2018

Project: MAKE ME LOOK CUTE AGAIN | Hapeville, Fulton County GA
Contact: Nicole, 678-408-2662,
Description: Large lot without character with small cottage style home. Looking to have a simple casual southern feel, I am a jeans/t-shirt play in the dirt kind of person, with a touch mid modern century flair, I like to play dress up. Design must be easy to maintain as I have an active lifestyle. Looking to establish raised garden beds and defined areas for flowers/bulbs/shrubs to encourage pollinating bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife. Would like to see the yard have a life cycle of "blooming/growth" activity year round. I also need design suggestions for back stoop/small deck at backdoor along with an entertainment area just off the stoop area. House underwent kitchen renovation and door was moved so I need a safe way to exit the back. There are currently a set of prefab concrete steps in use. Site improvement goals: Cohesiveness, stop run off in several areas, easily maintainable, sitting/entertaining area and raised garden beds, safe exit from backdoor. Opportunities: Provide outdoor living area for low key entertaining. Provide working landscape for food production. Challenges: Lot size, soil composition, run off.
Timeline for completion: Spring 2019. Would like to be able to do some prep projects over the winter if possible.
Budget: Limited but open for discussion


Posted SEPT 2018

Project: Tolbert Family Home | Watkinsville, Oconee County, GA
Contact: Brandon Tolbert, 404-414-8143,
Description: Looking for someone to draw a landscape design for our backyard. Our backyard is 1/3 acre. 100x100'. We need privacy trees, bushes and flowers in our design.
Timeline: 1 week
Budget: $20/hour for design, $15-20k for install 
Project: 270 Seasons Pass | Winterville, Athens-Clarke County GA
Contact: Rebecca Rohbeck, 706-410-6690,
Description: New home with existing minimal landscaping
Budget: TBD 
Project: Yard Landscape/Water Flow Project for Disabled Veteran | Athens GA
Contact: Johnnie Hunter,, 706-254-7185; Ann Hunter,, 706-207-3617
Description: Looking for better front yard curb appeal and addressing water flow issues. Improvement goals: Fenced backyard, partially screened deck design & extension, low maintenance flower beds, raised vegetable gardens, retaining wall, shade trees/shrubbery, foundation/driveway repair. Challenges: Removed 80 pines in 2006, leaving behind uneven turf, weeds and water flow issues. Recently removed overgrown shrubbery beside driveway, resulting in stumps that need to be removed. Homeowners have physical limitations but are willing to help plant/build the project within their means. They would need assistance with most hands-on aspects.
Timeline: ASAP
Budget: TBD
Project: Dunwoody Yard Redesign | DeKalb County
Contact: Susan Davidson,, 770-363-2071
Description: I live in a northern Atlanta suburb and am interested in hiring a landscape architect graduate student to develop a design for my front (and possibly back) yard, using many of the perennials and bushes I currently have planted. It needs organization, a plan and a cleaner look. The yard needs to have mostly drought resistant plantings since I travel quite a bit and cannot always be home to water every few days. It’s not a very large property, and would be all landscaping and ground cover—no grass.
Timeline: Unknown
Budget: TBD
Posted AUG 2018

Project: Powell Family Landscape Design | Smyrna, GA (Cobb Co.)
Contact: Melissa Powell,, 585-356-2749
Description: Newly constructed home on .35 acres needs landscaping front and back. It's in a well-established neighborhood with lots of old trees. Retaining wall and deck are a necessity as are sustainable landscaping and native plants. Opportunities: Hardscapes needed, no restrictions on products/installation other than city of Smyrna codes. Challenges: Lots of shade, large tulip poplar in front yard, existing english ivy, rolling/partially sloped lot, buried (decaying) tree stumps in back yard.  Timeline for completion: Design by 10/20/18, installation tbd end of 2018/early 2019
Budget for design work: $100 (negotiable if more than design is needed)
Budget for installation: $10-20k (maybe not all at once)

Project: Frohlinger front yard | Athens GA
Contact: Carol Frohlinger,, 646-216-8575
Description: We bought our home just over a year ago and have not done anything to improve our front yard. I’m interested in design ideas for a maintenance free installation of shrubs that will thrive despite the deer population that seems to enjoy munching on our “salad bar” lawn. I’d like to get a design done asap as I’d like to get the project completed asap. I need guidance on the budget for both the design work and installation.

Posted JUNE 2018

Project: Wallace backyard redesign | Athens GA
Contact: Nancy Wallace,, 706.614.9326
Description: I’m looking for a landscape designer for my backyard. My home is 16 years old and the backyard has taken a beating over the years. Excess rainwater from a neighbor’s yard is eroding my yard. We’d like to find a creative way to redirect the water and make our backyard enjoyable again. It is .5 acres and needs grading and leveling, decking or patio ideas, and installation of new plants.
Timeline for completion: Summer 2018
Budget: just now pricing and learning about costs, anticipating about $3,000 spent

Posted MAY 2018

Project: Byers residential yard | Athens GA
Contact: Sharon Byers,, 706/271-7752
Description: My home is one year old (1/2 acre in Falling Shoals subdivision in East Athens) and has landscaping only in the front. I just built a paver patio on the back and want to get some landscaping done around the rest of my home and around the patio. I don't dig in the dirt and am not good with plants. I would like to have someone make a recommendation as to what types of plants I need and where they should be placed. If possible, I'd also like some help planting the shrubs and flowers.
Timeline for completion: 2 months or less
Budget for installation: $5000


Posted 3/30/2018

Project: Community Playground and Basketball Court | Lawrenceville, Gwinnett Co
Contact: Larry Maha,, 404-666-4430
Description: Our HOA wants to design and build a play area that has a playground and a full basketball court. It could also include a picnic area (if the space can accommodate it). We need initial architectural designs to present to the Board of Directors for approval.
Opportunities: Design and Build
Challenges: Sloppy Terrain
Timeline: ASAP
Budget for design work: Flexible
Budget for installation: Need an estimate of the install cost to present to the Board of Directors for budget approval.

Project: Residential Yard Improvement for Appearance and Functionality | Tucker, Dekalb Co
Contact: Natalie McTaggart,, 404-824-1764
Description: The project is for my private residence to improve the appearance and functionality of my yard. Hardscaping and landscaping is needed, including drainage and terracing issues as well as creating a design for a shady yard with large oak and pine trees. The soil is dry and rocky, and since the yard is very shaded it is challenging to determine what type of trees and plants will survive. I would like this project completed as soon as possible and I do not have a set budget at this time.
Project: Garden Maintenance | Athens, Clarke County
Contact: Janet Martin,, 706-549-9413 or 706-621-1158 (cell)
Description: I am hoping to find a student who would be willing to work with me in my garden. By this I mean helping with weeding, fertilizing, planting, etc. I would want someone to work for about 5 hours a week, although this would be flexible, for about $15.00 an hour. I live in Athens on the eastside.

Project: Private Residence | Athens, Clarke Co
Contact: Rebecca at Vision Landscaping,, 706-310-1243
Andrew, Owner of Vision Landscaping, 706-202-7771
Description: The client would like more usable space in their backyard as well as improvement of drainage conditions. Two perspective drawings are required: one for front and one for back.
Timeline for completion: 5 days
Budget for design work: $350.00
Budget for installation: 30K

Posted: 03/01/2018
Project: Steele Acres | Bogart, Oconee Co
Contact: Virgil S Steele,, 706-224-4968
Project description: Developing a master plan for my 5 acres of natural hardwoods and implementing natural landscaping to beautify this 5 acres of paradise!
Opportunities: This is a great opportunity for a landscape architect or student to explore ideas for their passion!
Timeline: All of 2018!
Budget: very conservative!