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College of Environment and Design

CED Student Job Board

Students can visit this site to find job opportunities requested by the public – a great way to hone one’s portfolio and resume. Job Board postings are updated monthly. New job requests will be announced via the CED-L listserv and posted to this site. When the project client selects someone, the posting will be closed and removed from the website.

If you are an interested student, please contact the owner directly. Students are responsible for negotiating their own terms of payment, if any. Job Board clients may be contacted by CED staff to assess their satisfaction with the CED Job Board experience.

If you are a member of the public and are interested in posting to our Job Board, please send us a Public Service Request.

Due to COVID-19 and UGA policy, our students are currently working remotely.  Any communication between students and community members is advised to follow the state's social distancing guidelines and use digital or telephone communication only.  Property owners should provide digital photographs of their project, and students can utilize Google Streetview to remotely interpret project conditions where possible/applicable. 

Please note that the work generated by College of Environment and Design faculty, staff and students is conceptual in nature and additional professional services may be needed to implement the project. The College is not responsible for consequences that may arise as a result of using conceptual designs as construction documents.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lewis at or 706-542-6760.

Posted March 2021

Project Name: McPherson Backyard landscaping and fire pit 
Contact:  Mandy McPherson,, (205) 240-3196
Project Location (City/County): Athens/Town Walk neighborhood
Project Description: I’m looking for help designing and constructing a fire pit area in my backyard, as well as adding some landscaping to provide privacy. I have a smaller backyard and back up to several houses. Privacy fences are not allowed in our neighborhood, so I would like something tall to provide natural privacy.
Challenges: small area, but short retaining wall will provide height
Timeline for completion: Spring/Summer 2021
Budget for design work: $300-$500
Budget for installation: $1,000-$3,000

Posted February 2021

Project: Summer house
: Lloyd Summer,, (678) 245-1770 or (770) 776-8946
Location (City/County): Watkinsville, GA / Oconee Co.
Description: We moved into a 7 acre horse farm that has existing plants and pecan trees. We would like someone to help with the identification of existing plants and ideas on what to plant in the clay soil, including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs. 

Posted January 2021
Project:  McNutt Creek (Timothy Road) residence

Contact: Joe Kaufmann, 773-5048
Location (City/County):  Athens, GA
Description: Looking for a redesign of a front yard with pine island, zoysia grass, porch-planter beds, and natural side yard.
Site improvement goals: Side yard barrier, increased
Acreage:  < .5 acres
Challenges:  Low light, eastern-facing
Timeline for completion:  Spring/Summer 2021
Budget for design work:  Negotiable
Budget for installation:  $5000

Project Name: Sturdy Eco-friendly Backyard Dog Park

Contact Name: Piers Stephens, piers@uga.edu517-980-4003 
Project Location: Athens, GA
Project Description: I would like design help with my back lot, which is I believe slightly less than an acre in size but well spread out. The back lot was recently trimmed of excessive foliage and trees, but still has a couple of tall trimmed trees about 20 feet apart at its centre, and the primary challenge will be designing a sturdily enclosed mini-park space that surrounds both trees. The completed park space should be gated and suitable for suitable for dogs to play in, as well as being very secure against escape since there is a dangerous road nearby. The enclosure barriers will also need to be tall and robust in construction, since wildlife sometimes enter the lot and coyotes are known to be present in the area. The scale, shape and design of the enclosure in relation to the lot overall will be very much a matter in which I will value input, advice and suggestions, and thus offers significant opportunity for creative thought and initiative; further subdivisions of the internal space for purposes other than dog walking also could be an option.  
Timeline: Negotiable, but the sooner, the better 
Budget for design work: Flexible, TBD
Budget for installation: Flexible, TBD


Project: Wright Residence 
Contact: Carrie Wright,, 404-202-6319 
Location:  Atlanta (Fulton County)
Description: Homeowner in Historic Grant Park, near Zoo Atlanta. Project is for assistance with a residential backyard landscape design concept. Goal is to make the backyard an oasis of textured greenery with sections of containers along fencing with ornamental grasses mixed with other shrubs and plants to bring height into design with some type of solar lighting for outdoor dining, entertainment.  Open, rectangular backyard, with some sloping and almost entirely shaded. Hard rains cause flooding in certain areas and drainage issues.
Acreage: .25 acre
Opportunities:  Design concept with a cost-effective, sustainable landscape plan.
Challenges:  On-going maintenance, limited direct sun, drainage issues.
Timeline for completion:  Negotiable, ideally by Summer 2021
Budget for design work:  $350-$500
Budget for installation: $2,000 - $4,000

Posted December 2020
Project: Roscoe Residence | Watkinsville, GA
Contact: Amy Roscoe,, 404-819-1144
Description: Our goals include creating a Lawn-Scape Master Plan with recommended phasing and estimated costs, designing a major focal point of the lawn, screen the neighbor's driveway, improving landscaping in front of the house, and recommend overall landscape for entire yard. Both the front and back end of the clear-cut area needs to have lots of color and interesting trees and shrubs.
Acreage: 1 acre
Opportunities: Make a beautiful landscape in a lovely neighborhood and opportunity to work with other homes being built
Challenges: Lots of afternoon sun. 
Timeline for completion: 3-6 months
Budget for design work: $25-$30/hr
Budget for installation: Will negotiate that after we know more of the cost for entire project.


Project: Kneed2Farm | Newborn/Morgan
Tyler Nelson, | 352-514-3067
Description: We are building a farmhouse structure within an open pasture and looking for some assistance with landscape design. This possible project would be a blank slate in which to design a landscape that may be extensive and would go with the rural character of our area. We really want to create shade and shade space for our home as we are out in the pasture.
Site improvement goals: See above, to establish an aesthetically pleasing landscape with attention to shade for our home, deer resistant plantings if possible, and to incorporate as much native/historical planting material into the design. There will be some equestrian uses and vegetable gardening of/on the farm also.
Acreage: 54 total acres, house sits in 4-acre field
Opportunities: The site is a blank slate.
Challenges: Deer, limited shade
Timeline for completion: We are in framing process of home, estimate 3 months for home completion. Mid to Late winter establishment.
Budget for design work: Undetermined
Budget for installation: Undetermined but are willing to do the install ourselves.


Project: Beck Residence | City of Alpharetta
Contact: Elizabeth Beck,, 678-736-3397
Description: Our backyard needs retaining walls, a patio, grading, drainage, landscaping, sod, new deck, etc. We are looking to have more usable space by grading the site. The site is less than 0.5 acres.
Challenges: We have a stream that runs through our property and need to protect against erosion and protect the trees on either side. 
Timeline for completion: As soon as possible
Budget for design work: Undetermined
Budget for installation: we are hoping that we can get it all done for $50,000 but I don't know if that is realistic. 


Project: Sloped Backyard, Jacobs Residence | Snellville/Gwinnett  
Contact: Jarrett Jacobs,, 678-677-4981
Description: Our goal is to make our backyard useful, the yard is adjacent to the woods, sloped and shaded. We are hoping to initially make the yard a yard. Looking for a fairly simple design, but we are open to a student's vision.  Husband wants functional, wife wants an oasis. Potentially looking for tiered design on slope, but mostly seeking reasonable design to enjoy the yard.
Timeline: Open
Budget for design: TBD
Budget for Installation: TBD
Posted October 2020
Project: Frisch Residence | Watkinsville, GA
Contact: Dawn Frisch, | 914-255-3447
Description:  Design a 2-level back deck that surrounds a large tree and includes plantings on the side with the goal of making our shaded backyard functional and beautiful. The house sits on ½ acre; however, the project is just the backyard portion.
Opportunities: Create something different and new as well as a showpiece for your portfolio. 
Challenges: The backyard is almost entirely shaded.
Timeline: 6-9 months
Budget for design work: $40/hr
Budget for installation: Will hire separately
Posted May 2020
Project: Skyfall Landscape | Fayetteville, Ga (Fayette Co.)
Contact: Barrie Dreyer,, 770-309-3964
Description: My husband and I just built a modern home designed by Scott West / West Architecture Studio. It will be featured in the 2020 MA (Modern Atlanta) modern home tour. We are nestled on a wooded lot, 5.6 acres, with a view of a lake. We are surrounded by beautiful trees and lots of wildlife (deer, red foxes, geese, cranes). We have a raised backyard that is held in by a 6’ high retaining wall and is approximately 40’ long. We also have a raised planter in the front of the house with a small courtyard that can be viewed from floor-to-ceiling windows in the kitchen and guest bedroom. We are calling it our Japanese garden. The entire area around our house is a blank canvas, and we are interested in finding a landscape architect or designer who understands modern landscaping. There is an opportunity for the landscape student, who applies for this project, to have a modern landscape design in their portfolio, as well as have their name attached to a home, which will be featured in this year’s MA home tour. Due to coronavirus, the modern home tour has been postponed until September, but we would like to have our project completed sooner rather than later. 
Opportunities: Modern landscape design opportunity   
Timeline: Negotiable, but the sooner, the better
Budget for design work: Flexible, TBD 
Budget for installation: Flexible, TBD

Posted February 2020

Project: Alexander Residence | Athens, Ga (Clarke Co.)
Contact: Gifford and Heather Alexander,, 706-714-8985
Description: We bought a house 2 years ago in Normaltown and have just finished renovations on the interior. We are looking for help designing a beautiful, sustainable, eco- friendly outdoor living space. We have been told that we have one of the largest lots in Normaltown with approximately ¾ acre and would like to improve the front yard street appeal and the backyard garden space. We would like the backyard to be a living space and need help improving our lawn. We also need this space to be dog friendly.
Opportunities: large flat area for design ideas. Open to ideas and suggestions
Challenges: Backyard is sloped towards house and drainage work is needed.
Timeline: Flexible
Budget for design work: $500 but flexible
Budget for installation: $5000 but flexible

Posted January 2020

Project: Beulah Rucker Museum Grounds | Gainesville, Ga (Hall Co.)
Contact: Charlene Williams,, 770-380-6672
Description: The grounds for this museum is one acre. We need help with landscaping designs and beautification of the grounds as well as restoration of the garden area.
Opportunities: design experience that will be showcased on museum grounds  
Timeline: Flexible
Budget for design work: $2000 total and meals will be provided on workdays

Posted December 2019

Project: City of Odum Signs Landscape Designs | Odum, Ga (Wayne Co.)
Contact: June Thomas,, 912-294-4940
Description:  The Odum Garden Club has two brick “Welcome to Odum” signs placed on the east and west sides on town and signs outside the city gym and recreation center. The Odum Garden Club would like to add a nice, low maintenance landscape around all four signs, but need help with plan selections because there is no access to water at sign locations and we will have to haul water to have plants established. We are looking for native plants that are low maintenance as well as plants that attract pollinators. Saving the butterflies and other pollinators is very important to us. The sign at the recreation department will have a Blue Star Memorial Marker placed beside it and we would like to incorporate that structure into one of the landscape designs in conjunction with the sign.
Opportunities: Enhance four beautiful signs with an equally beautiful landscape that would make them more appealing to tourists and locals.
Challenges: We have no water available so we will have to haul water to the sites; we are in need on drought resistant, low maintenance plants.
Timeline: We would like to start planting in later Winter or early Spring of 2020, whichever is best for plant selection
Budget for design work: $200 per sign, but may vary if needed

Posted October 2019

Project: Alexander Residence | Smyrna, Ga (Cobb Co.)
Contact: Connor Alexander,, 615-513-8548
Description: We live in a mid-century ranch home that we moved into about a year ago following a lengthy renovation and addition. Though the inside looks great, the outside is a complete disaster. The issues result from a combination of poor planning by previous owners, destruction from the contractor, and drainage issues in flat portions of the yard which left us with a lovely mud pit. We have some ideas for what we want things to look like down the road, but aren't sure about specifics and need help. Ideally, we're after something modern and minimal, and want to keep the mid-century vibe of the house. What we're looking for right now is a plan to lay out a vision for how things will eventually look.
Opportunities: Help reinvent outdoor space for a mid-century home with a modern take
Challenges: Drainage issues
Timeline: TBD
Budget for design work: TBD
Project: Miller Residence | Athens, Ga (Clarke Co.)
Contact: Mark Miller,, 706-410-3665
Description: I am looking for design work for my backyard. My house is on 7/8 acres of land in Athens, Ga. I have recently taken out all the trees and roots in my backyard and need a design plan that is new and can evolve over time. We are looking to create a more comfortable space for our family to be able to enjoy the outdoors. We would like a landscaping plan with sod that can be laid down before spring of next year.  
Opportunities: Creative design opportunities for an outdoor space.
Challenges: We have two outbuildings that we will potentially move, based on design plan created
Timeline: As soon as possible, latest by January 2020
Budget for design work: TBD
Project: Henry Residence | Jefferson, Ga (Jackson Co.)
Contact: Ed Henry,, 678-898-5973
Description: I have a private residence on the lake in Jefferson, Ga. I have a long driveway that reaches my house, but am looking for design work for the entrance to make the front more appealing. The area is naturally shaded, so I have not been able to grow grass in this area; I am wanting to incorporate more of a rock design for a more natural and appealing entrance. I already have some shrubs in the area and some boulders that I would like to keep and help incorporate into the design.
Opportunities: Design work for an entrance using a variety of rocks and plants.
Challenges: The entrance is a naturally shaded area, so no grass can grow, must be rock.
Timeline: Fall 2019
Budget for design work: TBD
Project: Inman Park Residence | Atlanta, Ga (Fulton Co.)
Contact: Katrina Fuller,, 202-256-2410
Description:  We are looking to replace very small front lawn with all native plants on under an acre of land. Additionally, we have a 90 foot path on the side of our house which needs to be replaced and landscaped. We want to create safe, level walkway, address drainage issues, and showcase a native landscape.
Opportunities: High profile location 3 blocks from the Beltline in Inman Park
Challenges: Small area with the sun always hitting the front yard and the side of our yard is always in the shade. We have problems with water drainage.
Timeline: Completed by mid- November
Budget for design work: $400
Budget for installation: $3,000- $4,000


Posted September 2019

Project: Tabula Rasa Backyard | Watkinsville (Oconee Co.)
Luis Rodas, 706-424-8810,,
Description: We need help designing and landscaping our backyard. We would like to add bushes and trees that would provide a pop of color, fragrance, and some privacy. The back yard is on 0.7 acres of land and was previously farm land. Currently, there is no landscaping done to the backyard; there is only a border of mulch outlining the backyard.
Opportunities: Creative design opportunities for open space.
Challenges: The yard was previous farm land and is not level and the clay is very hard, but has been aerated since we have owned it.
Timeline:  We would like to start installing the plants next spring/summer.
Budget for design work: TBD
Project: Layson Residence | Madison (Morgan Co.)
Contact Name: Patty Layson, 404-538-7049,
Project Description:  The Laysons need help with designing a landscaping plan for their new home in Madison, Ga. There is about ¾ acre of land with a pool in the backyard.
Opportunities: Landscape Design for a new home with freedom for creativity.
Timeline: next 4-6 weeks
Budget for design work: negotiable
Budget for installation:  $15,000
Project: Wills Residence | Atlanta (Fulton County)
Contact: Theresa and David Wills, 404-593-6212,
Description:  The backyard is just under ½ acres and located in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently our backyard is very traditional and we would like design ideas for our yard that is less traditional and more minimalistic and modern. We would like to make this space more attractive and useful.
Opportunities: Design and create an updated and modern backyard
Challenges: Sun Exposure 
Timeline: Out of town through Sep 5, 2019, flexible after
Budget for design work: $1,500
Budget for installation: $1,000

Posted August 2019

Project:  Rockwell Universalist Church landscape | Winder (Barrow Co)
Contact Name:
  Holt Etheridge, Email:, Phone:  7064616808
Description: The building was built in 1881, and last year the building underwent extensive renovations for foundation, joist replacement and flooring work.  I'm finishing up the interior work and looking to get started on the exterior landscape of the building.  The concrete pathways/sidewalks were crumbling so I have removed them in preparation of the work.  I'm reaching out for help with a grading plan/ for water issues and landscaping ideas for around the building so that water will not be an issue in the future for the building. 
Site improvement goals:  Soil grading / water drainage / sidewalk work
Acreage: <1 acre
Opportunities:  Preservation and beautification of an old country church building
Challenges:   Budget
Timeline for completion:  Hopefully by summertime or end of summer
Budget for design work: 1000
Budget for installation:  5000 (with labor provided by myself and whoever else I can round up to help me out!)

Posted June 2019

Project: Mattingly Residence | Jefferson, GA
Contact: Paula Mattingly, 404-431-4794,
Project Description: There is a small area of the yard that I am having some drainage issues with that I need some planting advice. Also, I am seeking to construct a retaining wall in the area as well to address washing.
Opportunities: add to portfolio; planting 
Challenges: drainage issues
Timeline for Completion: ASAP
Budget for Design Work: to be determined
Budget for Installation: to be determined

Posted April 2019

Project: Yard Renewal Project | Athens, GA
Chris Kolisnyk, 215-431-2935,
Project Description: I am looking for some design work to create a backyard with minimal maintenance and erosion prevention on a two-acre piece of property. There are many hardwood trees present, and the property is along the Oconee River, so the terrain is fairly steep.
Opportunities: design work; minimal maintenance horticulture; erosion prevention
Challenges: steep terrain; existing hardwood trees
Timeline: 3 months
Budget for Design: $5,000
Budget for Installation: $50,000

Project: Backyard Drainage Project | Bethlehem, GA
Contact: Wanda Stover, 770-307-7100,
Project Description: I am looking for some design work to create a drainage system in a low area of my property. It is one-acre, but the problem is in the back area. I would like to be able to have the standing water removed, as well as the possible installation of a French drain.
Opportunities: design and work on water-removal and drainage project
Challenges: remove standing water
Timeline: As soon as possible
Budget for design and installation: $800-1,000


Posted March 2019

Project Name: Naturesque Backyard in Winterville | Winterville, GA
Contact: Lawrence Harris, 678-814-2230,
Project Description: We are hoping to create an oasis of a .75-acre backyard that is relaxing and walkable. There are many great potential plants: magnolia, daffodils, and beautiful trees. An incline to the house does collect water with rain, but it also creates an opportunity to design a pathway through the existing nature and plants in the yard. The yard is basically a blank slate. Would like to see a design that makes the yard a useable space (walkway, sitting area) without compromising the natural landscape.
Opportunities: large yard; blank slate; planting opportunities
Challenges: Yard has a lot of trees which homeowner likes, but would like them to be purposeful; weeds grow back quickly; lots of underbrush
Timeline for completion: Spring-Summer 2019
Budget for design work: $200
Budget for installation: Conservative


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