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College of Environment and Design

CED Student Job Board

Students can visit this site to find job opportunities requested by the public – a great way to hone one’s portfolio and resume. Job Board postings are updated monthly. New job requests will be announced via the CED-L listserv and posted to this site. When the project client selects someone, the posting will be closed and removed from the website.

If you are an interested student, please contact the owner directly. Students are responsible for negotiating their own terms of payment, if any. Job Board clients may be contacted by CED staff to assess their satisfaction with the CED Job Board experience.

If you are a member of the public and are interested in posting to our Job Board, please send us a Public Service Request.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lewis at or 706-542-6760.

Posted October 2019

Project: Miller Residence| Athens, Ga (Clarke Co.)
Contact: Mark Miller,, 706-410-3665
Description: I am looking for design work for my backyard. My house is on 7/8 acres of land in Athens, Ga. I have recently taken out all the trees and roots in my backyard and need a design plan that is new and can evolve over time. We are looking to create a more comfortable space for our family to be able to enjoy the outdoors. We would like a landscaping plan with sod that can be laid down before spring of next year.  
Opportunities: Creative design opportunities for an outdoor space.
Challenges: We have two outbuildings that we will potentially move, based on design plan created
Timeline: As soon as possible, latest by January 2020
Budget for design work: TBD
Project: Henry Residence| Jefferson, Ga (Jackson Co.)
Contact: Ed Henry,, 678-898-5973
Description: I have a private residence on the lake in Jefferson, Ga. I have a long driveway that reaches my house, but am looking for design work for the entrance to make the front more appealing. The area is naturally shaded, so I have not been able to grow grass in this area; I am wanting to incorporate more of a rock design for a more natural and appealing entrance. I already have some shrubs in the area and some boulders that I would like to keep and help incorporate into the design.
Opportunities: Design work for an entrance using a variety of rocks and plants.
Challenges: The entrance is a naturally shaded area, so no grass can grow, must be rock.
Timeline: Fall 2019
Budget for design work: TBD
Project: Inman Park Residence| Atlanta, Ga (Fulton Co.)
Contact: Katrina Fuller,, 202-256-2410
Description:  We are looking to replace very small front lawn with all native plants on under an acre of land. Additionally, we have a 90 foot path on the side of our house which needs to be replaced and landscaped. We want to create safe, level walkway, address drainage issues, and showcase a native landscape.
Opportunities: High profile location 3 blocks from the Beltline in Inman Park
Challenges: Small area with the sun always hitting the front yard and the side of our yard is always in the shade. We have problems with water drainage.
Timeline: Completed by mid- November
Budget for design work: $400
Budget for installation: $3,000- $4,000


Posted September 2019

Project: Tabula Rasa Backyard | Watkinsville (Oconee Co.)
Contact: Luis Rodas, 706-424-8810,,
Description: We need help designing and landscaping our backyard. We would like to add bushes and trees that would provide a pop of color, fragrance, and some privacy. The back yard is on 0.7 acres of land and was previously farm land. Currently, there is no landscaping done to the backyard; there is only a border of mulch outlining the backyard.
Opportunities: Creative design opportunities for open space.
Challenges: The yard was previous farm land and is not level and the clay is very hard, but has been aerated since we have owned it.
Timeline:  We would like to start installing the plants next spring/summer.
Budget for design work: TBD
Project: Layson Residence | Madison (Morgan Co.)
Contact Name: Patty Layson, 404-538-7049,
Project Description:  The Laysons need help with designing a landscaping plan for their new home in Madison, Ga. There is about ¾ acre of land with a pool in the backyard.
Opportunities: Landscape Design for a new home with freedom for creativity.
Timeline: next 4-6 weeks
Budget for design work: negotiable
Budget for installation:  $15,000
Project: Lecroy Building | Carnesville (Franklin Co.)
Contact: John Phllips, 706-918-3118,
Description:  We want to evaluate options for our recently purchased building that is expected to be torn down. Currently, the building is known as an “eye sore” by residents. We would like options and design options for the property after the building is demolished to improve the appearance of Courthouse Square. We are thinking of options including the following: additional parking, landscaping to create a more aesthetically pleasing square view, help improve traffic flow. 
Opportunities: Develop alternatives for the site after building is removed. Present each alternative graphically with color to clearly depict the idea being explored.
Challenges: Each solution for the space should include relationship of the site to the courthouse, monuments, existing walks, stairs, parking, retaining walls, etc.  
Timeline: Flexible
Budget for design work: TBA
Budget for installation: $50,000
Project: Wills Residence | Atlanta (Fulton County)
Contact: Theresa and David Wills, 404-593-6212,
Description:  The backyard is just under ½ acres and located in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently our backyard is very traditional and we would like design ideas for our yard that is less traditional and more minimalistic and modern. We would like to make this space more attractive and useful.
Opportunities: Design and create an updated and modern backyard
Challenges: Sun Exposure 
Timeline: Out of town through Sep 5, 2019, flexible after
Budget for design work: $1,500
Budget for installation: $1,000
Project: Bear Creek Estate Entrance | Bogart (Jackson Co.)
Contact: Rick Tarleton, 706-254-6253,
Description: The Bear Creek Estates subdivision seeks help in the beautification of the entrance to the subdivision.  BCE is a subdivision of approximately 100 homes located near the intersection of Clarke, Oconee, Barrow and Jackson counties with some homes fronting on Bear Creek Reservoir.  The BCE HOA would like to improve the entrance to the subdivision to reflect better the attractiveness of the associated properties.
Challenges: Current entrance is unappealing 
Timeline: Fall/ early Winter 2019
Budget for design work: $500
Budget for installation: <$5,000
Project: Glenwood Subdivision Retention Pond | Athens
Contact: Rhett Butler, 706-714-1558,
Description: The 1.19-acre storm water retention pond is located between two homes at the corner of Westview Drive and Riverview Drive in Athens. The pond receives all storm water runoff from the entire neighborhood.  Over time, keeping the pond full has become and ongoing challenge due to erosion. We are considering turning the pond into a creek that funnels out storm water and adding a rain garden.
Opportunities: local project, design rain garden
Challenges: heavy traffic area
Timeline: TBD
Budget for design work: undecided
Budget for installation: undecided

Posted August 2019

Project:  Rockwell Universalist Church landscape | Winder (Barrow Co)
Contact Name:  Holt Etheridge, Email:, Phone:  7064616808
Description: The building was built in 1881, and last year the building underwent extensive renovations for foundation, joist replacement and flooring work.  I'm finishing up the interior work and looking to get started on the exterior landscape of the building.  The concrete pathways/sidewalks were crumbling so I have removed them in preparation of the work.  I'm reaching out for help with a grading plan/ for water issues and landscaping ideas for around the building so that water will not be an issue in the future for the building. 
Site improvement goals:  Soil grading / water drainage / sidewalk work
Acreage: <1 acre
Opportunities:  Preservation and beautification of an old country church building
Challenges:   Budget
Timeline for completion:  Hopefully by summertime or end of summer
Budget for design work: 1000
Budget for installation:  5000 (with labor provided by myself and whoever else I can round up to help me out!)

Posted June 2019

Project: Cox backyard plan | Statham (Oconee Co.)
Contact: Dana Cox, Email:, Phone: 770-715-0183
Description: Site improvement goals:  outdoor fireplace and / or fire pit structure as anchor, want flowerbeds etc. Acreage: 1 acre. Opportunities: flat, new construction, wide open. Challenges:  too many options! Timeline for completion:  We are interested in a design that we might tackle in phases - we want to pay cash as we go.


Project: Cono/Tarleton Home | Bear Creek Reservoir/Bogart/Jackson Co.
Contact: Rick Tarleton, Email:, Phone: 706 254-6253
Description: Our property encompasses a peninsula extending into Bear Creek Reservoir, a total of 5 acres.  Half of this area was recently acquired after ~1.5 acres of it was clear-cut by the previous owner.  The remainder of the 5 acres remained heavily wooded.  Site improvement goals: Reestablish/develop the cleared space, including: design and construct a road and paths (a circulation plan) encompassing a recently seeded ½ acre wildflower meadow, a new vegetable garden, privacy plantings and fruit bushes and trees; design and construct a large wood platform with partially covered pavilion, possibly a fire pit, small play lawn; Replant native and interesting trees that will reestablished the original wooded space and meld with current forest.  Opportunities: design work, possibly oversee construction, motivated and involved homeowners.  Challenges:  Relatively few – it is a clean slate.  Lots of bare red clay and rocks to work with. Plans must account for considerable deer population.
Timeline for completion:  ASAP but we are happy to do in stages
Budget for design work: expected to be < $1,000 but depends on scope
Budget for installation: $20K to $50K depending on scope and amount performed by homeowner


Project: 235 Bryanwood Drive Remodel | Jefferson, GA
Contact: Julie Ballman, 770-312-9520,
Project Description: We prepare to remodel a 1954 mid-century home that we are in the process of purchasing.  The home is right at 4000 square feet and is chock-full of original materials – from what we understand the kitchen is the only thing that has been updated (in the 1980s).  It is a “time capsule” of sorts and is absolutely stunning! We are so excited about purchasing this gem and while we definitely want to update it, we do not want to “violate” the original design integrity. We are hoping to: remodel the kitchen, add a mud-room/laundry space, add a new/re-designed roof on 50% of home, and create a new garage.
Opportunities: well-cared for home; interior and exterior design; large home; historic property
Challenges: large space; not violating the original design
Timeline for Completion: 6 months-1 year
Budget for Design: To be discussed
Budget for Installation: $100,000-$125,000

Project: Mattingly Residence | Jefferson, GA
Contact: Paula Mattingly, 404-431-4794,
Project Description: There is a small area of the yard that I am having some drainage issues with that I need some planting advice. Also, I am seeking to construct a retaining wall in the area as well to address washing.
Opportunities: add to portfolio; planting 
Challenges: drainage issues
Timeline for Completion: ASAP
Budget for Design Work: to be determined
Budget for Installation: to be determined

Posted April 2019

Project: Yard Renewal Project | Athens, GA
Contact: Chris Kolisnyk, 215-431-2935,
Project Description: I am looking for some design work to create a backyard with minimal maintenance and erosion prevention on a two-acre piece of property. There are many hardwood trees present, and the property is along the Oconee River, so the terrain is fairly steep.
Opportunities: design work; minimal maintenance horticulture; erosion prevention
Challenges: steep terrain; existing hardwood trees
Timeline: 3 months
Budget for Design: $5,000
Budget for Installation: $50,000

Project: Backyard Drainage Project | Bethlehem, GA
Contact: Wanda Stover, 770-307-7100,
Project Description: I am looking for some design work to create a drainage system in a low area of my property. It is one-acre, but the problem is in the back area. I would like to be able to have the standing water removed, as well as the possible installation of a French drain.
Opportunities: design and work on water-removal and drainage project
Challenges: remove standing water
Timeline: As soon as possible
Budget for design and installation: $800-1,000


Posted March 2019

Project: Pinecrest House Xeriscaping/Space Efficiency/Drainage Project | Athens, GA.
Contact: Brian Seelos, 706-254-9002,
Project Description: We own a house on a small lot in Athens. We want to establish outdoor spaces that are functional for either outdoor living or growing plants/vegetables. Ideally this would eliminate the traditional yard (grass/bushes/etc.) and would establish a xeriscaping style, which requires minimal upkeep. Site could include garden boxes and growing spaces, patio space, outdoor fireplace, and retaining walls. We would also like to create a drainage system.
Opportunities: Create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space; minimal maintenance
Challenges: small lot; drainage; efficiently use the space
Timeline for Completion: Negotiable
Budget for Design Work: Minimal
Budget for Installation: undecided

Project: Five-Points Private Home Landscape Design | Athens, GA
Contact: Dr. Leonard Poon, 706-540-6685,
Project Description: Our house is situated in one acre in the Five Point area. The house was owned previously by the head of the biology department, a horticulturist.  A herd of deer that roams the neighborhood had pretty much destroyed the landscape, and I would like to consult with a student to design an easily maintained and environmentally attractive landscape as well as to consult on the hiring of a landscape company to get the job done. We would like to design an easily maintained and environmentally attractive landscape. We also request assistance in the negotiation of a reasonable construction budget and supervision of the work.
Opportunities: local design; negotiation and supervision of construction work
Challenges: deter deer from destroying the landscape; negotiation of reasonable
Timeline for Completion: Negotiable
Budget for Design/Installation: Negotiable (depending on work to be done)

Project: Japanese Inspired Backyard | Buckhead, GA
Contact: Aarti Aggarwal/Vinay Matai, 678-640-1238,
Project Description: We are inspired by Japanese gardens after visiting Japan 2 years ago. We ripped out many of the bushes and shrubbery shortly after we moved in, so it is basically a blank slate with one large tree. We want a walkable space, open and clean with short, soft grass. There is a swing, but it’s old and needs to be replaced. We would like to incorporate: rocks, pebbles, stone walkway, Buddha sculpture, bamboo along the bring exterior wall, Japanese Red Maple tree, varied green bushes, a water fountain, lights, fake paneled window. Also, we want a small herb garden. There is a nice size deck that needs to be re-finished. We are open to see a multitude of designs that are possible in this space. It would be great to continue the Japanese theme into the front yard with a few elements.
Opportunities: ability to create a unique, creative landscape and herb garden design, cozy deck space, and installation
Challenges: want to do a lot with a small space and budget
Timeline for Completion: Around 2 months
Budget for Design Work: Flexible
Budget for Installation: $10,000

Project Name: Naturesque Backyard in Winterville | Winterville, GA
Contact: Lawrence Harris, 678-814-2230,
Project Description: We are hoping to create an oasis of a .75-acre backyard that is relaxing and walkable. There are many great potential plants: magnolia, daffodils, and beautiful trees. An incline to the house does collect water with rain, but it also creates an opportunity to design a pathway through the existing nature and plants in the yard. The yard is basically a blank slate. Would like to see a design that makes the yard a useable space (walkway, sitting area) without compromising the natural landscape.
Opportunities: large yard; blank slate; planting opportunities
Challenges: Yard has a lot of trees which homeowner likes, but would like them to be purposeful; weeds grow back quickly; lots of underbrush
Timeline for completion: Spring-Summer 2019
Budget for design work: $200
Budget for installation: Conservative