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Kodachrome Commerce: American Commercial Architecture 1945-1980



Symposium Date: October 25, 2019

Thank you for your interest in the University of Georgia’s e-symposium, Kodachrome Commerce: American Commercial Architecture, 1945-1980.



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We are pleased to showcase a wide variety of presentation topics including:

  • Specific mid-century commercial typologies
  • Establishing evaluation criteria
  • Cultural landscapes associated with roadside architecture 
  • Mid-century design, construction methods, and materials 
  • Case studies involving mid-century commercial resources 


If you are interested in being added to our symposium waitlist, viewing the presentations, or would like further communication regarding these resource types, please sign up for our symposium ListServ which will house post-symposium questions and discussions.  


For questions or additional information, please contact Laura Kviklys at or 706.542.1028


The economic boom and suburbanization of the post-World War II period in the United States led to an unprecedented rise in building upstarts. Numbers of scholarly works have identified the defining characteristics and significance of residential structures; however, an evident dearth of guidance documents and context statements regarding commercial properties currently exists. As millions of these potentially historic resources reach and surpass the National Park Service’s 50-year threshold to be considered ‘historic,’ these resources require thorough examination as to their potential significance to the nation’s architectural, social, and cultural heritage. 

The utilitarian aesthetic, universal construction methodology and ubiquity of commercial structures of this period present a unique challenge for the interpretation and preservation of this resource group. The term, “commercial architecture,” serves as the moniker for unknown numbers of building sub-types, each with its own defining characteristics, integrity challenges, and significance. Nationwide, commercial buildings have undergone material replacement and major alterations in order to maintain and attract in-person clientele. A national discourse is needed to identify major challenges in developing typologies, integrity issues, construction methodology, and materials for millions of extant structures. This symposium will address the need for a structured, replicable methodology for identifying and determining the potential eligibility of postwar commercial architecture.


Our live streaming symposium includes all geographic regions and commercial architecture sub-types. Kodachrome Commerce offers a unique approach to a live streaming format; all presentations are prerecorded, and remote attendees will have the opportunity to ask presenters questions in real-time via online discussion. This format is designed to introduce attendees to multiple mid-century commercial topics and real-world challenges facing mid-century commercial resources.




All presentations from the Symposium will be available on the College of Environment and Design’s YouTube page for future viewing:



Be sure to visit the Kodachrome Commerce forum for further discussion, including to ask and respond to questions from the Symposium, and about mid-century commercial architecture in general. Users are encouraged to share real-world challenges, success stories and, potential research areas as we continue to grow our knowledge regarding this resource type. Follow this link to access the forum.



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