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College of Environment and Design

Juris Doctor/MUPD Degree PRogram

The profession of urban planning frequently involves careful navigation of the local, state, and federal laws which govern city planning. To an urban planner, the ability to contend with administrative, constitutional, environmental, tax, tort, and real property law would be a tremendous advantage. This dual degree aims to uniquely prepare its students to not only become exceptional city planners through the MUPD program, but skillful lawyers as well through the JD program.

 The degree shortens the course of study from five to four years without sacrificing the breadth of instruction. Ideally, students would spend two years of the program principally working on the JD, followed by one year principally on the MUPD, followed by a year of overlap. The course necessitates completion of 120 credit hours, exceeding the minimum instruction required by the American Bar Association before a JD can be awarded.

 With the interdisciplinary skill set this degree develops, a wide range of career opportunities becomes available. Students may enter a variety of fields such as provision of design services, advocacy, governmental regulation, and policymaking, all of which can be applied to the public, private, and nonprofit arenas.


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