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College of Environment and Design


The Urban Planning & Design graduate program is accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board and focuses on the physical planning and design of the built environment. The MUPD program is structured around planning studios which foster an energetic, collaborative and creative environment and pursues excellence through innovative teaching. Our studio culture enables us to develop and employ new ideas and technologies and promotes innovation by involving students in a variety of local, regional, and international projects. The MUPD program engages students in interdisciplinary collaboration and experiential learning. The curriculum allows students to master the essential knowledge, skills, and competencies of the required coursework through an innovative model that couples rigorous academic learning with professional engagement.

A degree in the MUPD program prepares students for careers working in public planning agencies, private firms with city and regional planning departments as a professional planner, or in non-profit agencies. The program also offers preparation for future doctoral work in city and regional planning. We welcome students from a wide variety of undergraduate degree programs who are interested in working with local communities, civic leaders, public agencies and design teams to engage in a democratic planning process.


Situated in the College of Environment and Design, which houses well-established and highly rated graduate programs in landscape architecture and historic preservation, the MUPD program offers wide-ranging opportunities for collaborative efforts and program concentrations. In addition, students can take course work throughout the University of Georgia in fields such as geography, real estate, anthropology, sociology and ecology to widen their knowledge base and operate within an interdisciplinary framework.


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