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College of Environment and Design


The CED Master of Landscape Architecture program instills in our students design fundamentals which are applied to contemporary problems. A studio-based curriculum prepares students for design challenges in professional practice or public service. Students have opportunities for community outreach and engagement in studios and elective courses. The research and/or design-based thesis process prepares students for a rigorous approach to practice or an academic future.

MLA 1st Pro Degree

MLA 2nd Pro Degree from BArch MLA 2nd Pro Degree from BLA

Accel MLA 41 credits



The MLA program is designed as a three-year, 78 credit hour program for graduates of non-design disciplines. Graduates with professional design degrees enter an accelerated track, with the length of study determined by the degree and the number of years of professional work experience. The determination of length of study will be made upon admission into the program. The required credits would be fixed at either 78, 52, or 41, depending on the qualifications of the student and the decision of the admissions committee and graduate coordinator. Each student is evaluated individually and will complete a curriculum built for his/her needs, with the guidance of the MLA Graduate Coordinator.

In addition to taking required courses, MLA students may chose to develop an individual track that focuses on their particular interests in the field, such as:

  • Computer applications
  • Ecological restoration & natural resource management
  • Garden design & plant management
  • Golf course design
  • Historic landscape preservation
  • Human design & community participation
  • Land development
  • Landscape history and criticism
  • Recreational and open space design
  • Rural planning and preservation
  • Urban design and planning


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