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College of Environment and Design




Accelerated MHP

The Accelerated MHP degree is open to applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in historic preservation and 5 years of experience in preservation or a closely-related field, or applicants who hold a graduate degree in a related discipline (e.g. history, architectural history, archeology, planning, interior design) and 3 years of experience in preservation or a closely-related field. Admission is subject to approval by the MHP Coordinator and execution of an approved program of study agreement tailored to the individual student. The minimum number of credit hours required for the Accelerated MHP is 39, which includes 9 hours of thesis research and writing.


Accelerated MHP+MUPD

Historic Preservation and Urban Planning and Design go hand in hand in many aspects. Earn an MHP and MUPD more quickly by taking advantage of this accelerated option. With approval of the MUPD Coordinator, a signed and approved program of study is developed for those who qualify for a wavier consideration. 


Dual JD and MHP

Policy and law are critical to the historic preservation field. This program allows a student to earn the JD and MHP degrees in just four years, eliminating approximately one year of academic work. UGA's School of Law was recently named the "best value in legal education in the United States" by National Jurist

To be admitted, students must apply to and be accepted by both UGA Law and the Graduate School. GRE exemption is available for candidates who submit satisfactory scores from the LSAT or have already been admitted to UGA Law.

For information about applications to the Juris Doctor program contact the Law School Admissions Office (706-542-7060); for historic preservation applications and information, contact the MHP Graduate Program Coordinator, Professor Scott Nesbit.



The Master in the Study of Law (MSL) is a non-thesis graduate degree available through the School of Law for students interested in developing a general understanding of legal issues that intersect with their academic or professional interests. The MSL is for those who seek some knowledge of the law but do not aspire, necessarily, to become practicing attorneys.

The degree program gives students the opportunity to create an individualized program of study by selecting courses specific to their interests from the School of Law’s extensive curriculum. For CED students, these courses might include studies in areas such as Property law, Land Use and Planning, Natural Resources and Environmental law, or Constitutional law.

The degree requires the completion of at least 30 semester hours of coursework, which can be completed in one year for full-time students, or up to three years for part-time students. 

Double Dawgs

UGA's Double Dawg program allows students to earn an undergraduate degree in conjunction with a graduate degree. The CED has a number of Double Dawg programs involving the MHP including AB History and AB Classics.

Certificate Programs

UGA offers a variety of  Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates relevent to CED studies that allow students to develop a specialty, such as Native American Studies, Museum Studies, or Geographic Information Systems, while pursuing their degree. Students in the MHP program may use their electives to work towards these certificates. Some programs, such as the Historic Preservation Studies Certificate, offer special tracks for undergraduate students and those who have already completed their master's degree. 

Many certificates require a formal application. Be sure to read full descriptions of the certificates and their requirements by visiting their pages.  

For information on all graduate certificates offered by the University of Georgia, please visit the certificate directory on the Graduate School website.

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