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College of Environment and Design

Mentorship Meetings Fall 2020

One of the best ways for students to learn about what their career will be like after college is to talk to professionals in the field. This semester the bachelor's and master's students in the Landscape Architecture program spoke via Zoom with CED alumni in landscape architecture and related careers across the country. 

The BLA students asked questions regarding how to find internships, how international experiences can help with future jobs, and what employees often look for when hiring landscape architects. Key advice from the alumni included affirming that internships are a fantastic way to discover what you may or may not want in a job, travel as many places as you are able, and hand graphics are still very relevant in today's digital world. 

Following the success of the BLA Zoom meeting, the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) students had the opportunity to speak with alumni from the program and discussed what firms were looking for in portfolios, how their first job impacts their career, and what skills alumni learned while still in college that are applicable today.  Thank you to our alumni who shared their time with us! 

If you are interested in serving as a CED mentor or student mentee, check out for additional information.


Alumni mentorsFrom left to right: Todd Fuller (BLA ’07), Rikerrious Geter (BLA ’16), Bob Hughes (BLA ’77), Lucy Lawliss (BLA ’79, MLA ’92), Chris Mutter (BLA ’95), Russ Seamon (BLA ’03), Caroline Broder (BLA ‘12), Scott Jones (BLA ‘77), Chloe Weigle (BLA ‘17), Ryan Collins (BLA ‘96), Curt Jackson (BLA ’09), Stephanie Pankiewicz (BLA ’00), Thomas Baker (MLA ’15), Matt Cherry (BLA ’00), Richie Jones (BLA ’02), Annette Griffin (MLA ’16), Allen Pratt (MLA ’14). 


Mentors for MLA Meeting  

  • Curt Jackson, BLA ‘09 – Eberly and Associates  
  • Stephanie Pankiewicz, BLA ‘00   LandDesign   
  • Thomas Baker, MLA ‘15 – Michael Ferguson  
  • Matt Cherry, BLA ‘00 – Lord Aeck Sargent   
  • Richard Jones, BLA ‘02 – HDLA   
  • Annette Griffin, MLA ‘16 – Michael Ferguson  
  • Allen Pratt, MLA ‘14 – Perkinswill  
  • Caroline Broder, BLA ’12  – ServeScape 

Mentor for BLA Meeting  

  • Todd Fuller, BLA ‘07 – HGOR  
  • Rikerrious Geter, BLA ‘16 – GGN  
  • Bob Hughes, BLA ‘77 – HGOR  
  • Lucy Lawliss, BLA ‘79, MLA ‘92 – National Parks Service  
  • Chris Mutter, BLA ‘95 – HGOR   
  • Russ Seamon, BLA ‘03 – SeamonWhiteside  
  • Scott Jones, BLA ‘77 – Site Solutions  
  • Chloe Weigle, BLA ‘17 – Alta Planning and Design  
  • Ryan Collins, BLA 96  – Dix.Hite +partners 
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