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Visiting Lecturer James Schulte Talks on Vegetated Green Roofs in Spring Lecture Series

     Professor James Schulte (BLA '11 and MLA'20), a Visiting Lecturer and graduate of the College of Environment and Design, has been involved with the Landscape Architecture program since his undergraduate years. Currently, Professor Schulte teaches an undergraduate landscape architecture design studio and a graduate-level Landscape Engineering course. He has been an active member of the College. He brings valuable experience and expertise to his teaching and involvement in advising the Georgia Landscape Magazine, co-teaching this summer's West Coast Trip, and participating in the Blue, Green, and Gray Infrastructure Lecture Series.  

     Professor Schulte's research specializes in vegetated green roofs, commonly called living roofs. These roof systems are covered with plants ranging from small perennials to trees. He started his research in this area during his graduate studies in the Master of Landscape Architecture, writing his thesis. During his lecture, he will dive into the different types of roofs and how they can mitigate the adverse environmental effects in urban areas of Atlanta, Georgia. Professor Schulte shared that vegetated green roofs are "more prevalent in other countries due to a deeper education and use that those countries have versus that in the US." He believes that as designers, there is more that can be learned and understood for  a more widespread practice for green infrastructure design.  

     Offering valuable insights for aspiring professionals in Landscape Architecture, Professor Schulte emphasized the importance of staying up to date with new "design standards, firms, awards, rendering styles, etc." He highlighted that there are different paths students can take throughout the field of Landscape Architecture and encouraged students to find their own styles, inspirations, and passions for the field. His most significant advice to students and young professionals was, "find what gets you out of bed each day and excites you about landscape architecture, and don't look back."  


Hear more from Professor Schulte during our

Spring Lecture Series!


Vegetated Roof Adoption in an Urbanizing World

James Schulte  |  Visiting Lecturer of Landscape Architecture, UGA

Wednesday, March 22nd

Jackson Street Building  -  4:30pm  -  Room 123


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