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College of Environment and Design

Dean's Desk: CED e-news December 2020



A new book written and edited by faculty, emeriti faculty, staff, students, and prominent alumni of the college reflects on the places and projects that have held special meaning for the CED community throughout its history. Neither a marketing piece nor a conventional history, Place+Meaning+Experience is a collection of short but heartfelt essays using “place” to anchor the narratives, resulting in a thoughtful examination of buildings, landscapes, and environments with significance for the CED community.
Each essay is authored by a member of the CED community with a personal connection to and history with a certain place. The essays, taken together, invite the reader to consider the elements that make an environment unforgettable, whether they be our personal connection to a place, that place’s unique design elements, or the hands that had a role in shaping that place over time. Professor Scott Nesbit, who led the book’s editorial committee, hopes that Place+Meaning+Experience will be “a gift to the College and everyone associated with it.” Therefore, the book of essays is available online here for all to enjoy, and a limited number of copies are available as a thank you gift to all those who contribute to our CED Excellence Fund.
During this season of giving, please support the CED. Your gift goes a long way towards supporting our students, faculty and alumni with a wide range of programs and opportunities that augment the studio and classroom experience. Gifts can be made here or if you wish to discuss other opportunities for giving, contact Jennifer Messer at
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