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College of Environment and Design

CTL Grant Expands Access to Digital Drawing Technology at CED

Associate Professor David Spooner has been awarded a UGA Learning Technology Grant (LTG) to expand access to advanced digital drawing technology at CED. The grant supported the purchase of fifteen new iPad Pros and Apple pencils, as well as software for the devices.  

The purpose of this initiative is to expand BLA and MLA students’ curriculum in Visual Literacy beyond the traditional analog ‘hand graphic’ techniques and into the digital environment. Spooner notes that recent advancements in technology allow designers to mimic the ‘hand’ drawing experience in the digital environment with the help of software such as Procreate and Morpholio Trace. Procreate, for example, can act as an electronic sketchbook, affording designers opportunities for ‘greater experimentation and risk-taking’ in their visual impressions of a space or place. 

 example of ketch drawn using Procreate

1: Example of 'pencil' sketch drawn using Procreate on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, drawn by Professor Spooner 


Morpholio takes it a step further, allowing designers to digitally ‘trace’ over site images and aerial imagery and provides aids to construct perspective drawings. Furthermore, it incorporates artificial reality (AR) tools such as SketchWalk to allow designers to virtually experience their conceptual designs. As Spooner notes, this “extends the visual literacy process and expands the traditional workflow for creating design documents”.  

The equipment will be incorporated into undergraduate and graduate Design Communication classes LAND 2210 and LAND 6210. Beyond the course, these tools and techniques will become part of the student’s design process as they progress in their academic and professional careers.  

The project aligns with CED’s goals of incorporating digital technology into the curriculum and serving as a leader in digital design education at a national level. When not in use by classes, the equipment will be available for students to rent via CED Technology Services. 


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