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College of Environment and Design

Braden Meadows to attend Georgia lawmakers breakfast and meeting at the state capitol

braden meadows

BLA student Braden Meadows will be joining UGA President Jere Morehead and 24 other UGA Student Government Association (SGA) representatives at the Georgia State capitol on February 12th. In this annual face-to-face with lawmakers organized by the UGA President’s office and the Office of Government Relations, student leaders will be able to convey suggestions and concerns about their university experiences. (The Office of Government Relations serves as the primary point of contact between the University of Georgia and local, state and federal government offices and legislative bodies.) Braden hopes to make his case for the College of Environment and Design as UGA’s premier environmental planning and design institution. “I serve on the SGA’s sustainability committee and through my leadership role I try to showcase that at the CED we are at the forefront on design innovation and I want our lawmakers to have a much more holistic understanding of what our profession does. I am also an advocate for professional licensure, particularly for graduates of our program, and hope they will understand how important that this process and recognition is to our profession.”

Braden thought he was headed into a medical career but with a last name like Meadows, and the fact that he is a fly fishing guide in his spare time, the outdoors called. A few semesters back he took David Spooner’s Introduction to Landscape Architecture class as an elective, and suddenly his career options took flight.  “I was excited to find a program that supports the environment. I saw that my interest in planning and law also had a path here at CED,” he explains. He hopes now to have a career in landscape architecture and real estate law, where he can also use his historic preservation studies. He sees his hometown of Cartersville, Ga. as an interesting study in economic growth, with three exits off of I-75 and a lively, renovated downtown.

The UGA SGA will be joining students from Augusta University and Georgia Tech at the capitol. Meadows is also grateful for UGA’s President’s Venture Fund, which is supporting CED’s LAbash conference later this semester and which also added to the funding necessary to get a water bottle refilling station for the Jackson Street Building, a project that he organized.

Congratulations, Braden!