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Please email director Alfie Vick at to schedule a meeting.

The Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to synthesize ideas from a wide variety of perspectives to solve complex environmental problems, both in theory and in practice. Students are required to take a minimum of 18 credit hours to earn the Environmental Ethics Certificate.

Required courses include a core course in ecology and philosophy, an environmental ethics seminar seminar, and a capstone independent research project. Through elective courses, you will choose to explore other facets of environmental ethics such as environmental justice, aesthetics and perceptions of nature, animal rights, ecofeminism, environmental economics, sustainable design, and environmental policy.

Visit the Requirements and Guidelines page for more information.

Visit the How to Apply page.

Students must be in good standing with the university at the time of application and will be notified by email when they have been accepted into the program.

Now you can meet with the certificate director, who will help you decide which courses you should take in the next semester. For any questions about courses to take or to set up a meeting with the director, please email It is recommended you start the program by taking the seminar, ecology core, and/or philosophy core course. Most student find it easiest to work the ethics seminar course into their schedules.
In most cases, yes. If you have recently completed an undergraduate degree at UGA (that is, graduated within three semesters or within the last year) you may already be able to register for certificate courses. More information about this process is available on the Registrar’s website. If it's been more than three terms since you graduated, you will need to re-apply as a 'former student’. The deadline to reapply as a former student is one business week before the first day of class for the application term.
It is recommended to print out the full list of courses from the Courses page and mark them off as courses are completed. You can also check individual course completion and status in Athena. If needed, the director can confirm your certificate course completion status.

Double-check that you’ve met all requirements by referencing your courses list on the Courses page. When you Apply to Graduate in Athena - you must apply to Graduate with the Environmental Ethics Certificate. This will be done the semester you graduate - do NOT forget. Here is what you will do when the time comes:

Log onto Athena:

Click: Student > Apply to Graduate > Follow the Directions to add the Environmental Ethics Certificate.

Yes! Several study abroad courses satisfy requirements for the Certificate.

The Environmental Ethics Certificate will complement any area of study. Alumni of the EECP have gone on to successful careers in business, landscape architecture, academia, environmental advocacy, planning, and more.

Many companies are now looking for a “Sustainability Expert,” “Chief Resilience Officer,” or an “Environmental Manager.” Environmental ethics knowledge can be applied to all kinds of jobs in the private sector, non-profits, or government.

Additionally, training and understanding in environmental ethics and sustainability is becoming an essential skill in the modern workplace. For more information about your job or career options, feel free to schedule a meeting with the director.

If these were taken at a graduate level, then yes.
Please email director Alfie Vick at
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