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Carolyn Bresnahan

Job Title: BLA Student Ambassador


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I began UGA as an advertising major hoping to maximize the use of my creativity. After a marketing internship post-freshman year, I learned I wanted to shift gears in my education away from html coding, email blasts, and social media ideation. In search of a little more perspective and purpose, I decided to take a semester to work and travel  in Australia. I joined the staff of my aunt and uncle's farm as a gardenhand. In between my backpacking voyages along the beaches of the east coast, I worked under the plans of a landscape architect to maintain the sustainability-driven design that he had designed for the farm. My memories of installing native planting designs, maintaining gardens for horse training, and enjoying the wide open vistas from the front porch of my aunt and uncle’s home stick with me today as I design parks, grade sites, and propose plantings. After five months of working on my relatives’ farm and traveling on my own, I returned to the University of Georgia with a new perspective. I began landscape architecture amazed that a field existed in which I could so effectively utilize my creative skills and satisfy my love of the outdoors and adventure. Since beginning my landscape architecture schooling, I have been visiting firms throughout my travels over the past couple of years to help further sharpen my idea of where I’d like to be in the field. Being an ambassador is an exciting opportunity to share with potential students and families my own experience and interest in the field.