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College of Environment and Design


Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Class of 2021


Class of 2018

devyn quickDevyn Quick
Grand Valley State University, BBA Business Economics, 2012
Hometown: Harbor Springs, MI
Research Interest: Global sustainability and health, historic vernacular landscape, historical ecology | LinkedIn



carter ricksCarter Ricks
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, BA, Psychology, 2012
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Research Interests: urban design, ecological restoration, greenways, sustainable design, historic preservation



danielle valdesDanielle Valdes
University of Hartford, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, 2015
Hometown: Setauket, New York
Research Interests: sustainable design/living, National Park conservation, historical preservation, public space design, urban design



arianne wolfeArianne Wolfe
Tulane University, BA Environmental Studies, 2011
Hometown: Charleston, SC and New Orleans, LA
Research Interests: sustainability, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, edible gardens



landon woodwardLandon Woodward
University of Georgia, B.S. in Physics & B.A. in English, 2012
Hometown: Lilburn, Ga.
Research Interests: urban ecology, sustainability, historic preservation



yuwen yangYuwen Yang
University of Maine, Bachelor of Horticulture, concentration in Landscape Design, 2014
Hometown: Changsha, China
Research Interests: green roofs and green walls, recreational and open space design, garden design and plant management



alexandra yuanAlexandra Yaun
College of Charleston, BS, Elementary Education, 2008
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Research Interests: social justice and urbanization + resiliency, sustainable residential design focusing on xeriscaping, pollinator protection, natural filtration, native materials


ran zhangRan Zhang
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Environmental Arts, 201
Hometown: Shijiazhuang, China
Research Interests: plant management, ecological landscapes, public areas, open space



chen quChen Qu
Education: Beijing Forestry University/ Bachelor of Landscape Architecture/ 2015
Hometown: Tangshan, China
Research Interests: Planning and design of natural and built environments, the amelioration of land use impacts on receiving waters, regional place and place making, public gardens.


ming guanMing Guan
Education: NanJing Forestry University, Bachelor Degree, 2016
Hometown: SuZhou  JiangSu China
Research interests:



jiaxin diJiaxin Di
Education: Nanjing Forestry University, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 2016
Hometown: Changzhou, China
Research interests: Urban ecology, stormwater management, public space design



li fuLi Fu
Education: Nanjing Forestry University, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 2012
Hometown: Anhui, China
Research interests: Ecology




Class of 2019


wade c. alexanderWade C. Alexander
Education: Clemson University, Horticulture, 2015
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Research interests: Historic landscape restoration and revitalization,



kelsey brooksKelsey Brooks
Education: University of Georgia, International Affairs, 2009
Hometown: Athens, GA
Research interests: Native plants of Georgia, landscaping for wildlife, and designing equitable, generous, and sustainable public spaces



matthew deanMatthew Dean
Education: University of Georgia, BS Cellular Biology, 2013
Hometown: Commerce, GA
Research interests: Regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration and biodiversity, residential design


laura espositoLaura Esposito
Education: University of Pittsburgh, BA Environmental Studies, 2015
Hometown: New Castle, PA
Research interests: public space, urban sustainability, urban agriculture, landscape design for healthcare facilities.



stelios kalopedisStelios Kalopedis
Education: University of Georgia, Athens GA, BA Public and international affairs.
Hometown: Limassol, Cyprus
Research Interests: Sustainable design practices, permaculture, ecological restoration.


chenlu liChenlu Li
Education: Beijing University of Technology, Bachelor in Environmental Art Design, 2017
Hometown: Taiyuan, Shanxi
Research Interest: garden and community design, city design




evelyn j. meraEvelyn J. Mera
Education: University of Georgia, Master of Environmental Planning & Design, 2017; Nova Southeastern University, BS Environmental Studies, 2015
Hometown: Coconut Creek, FL
Research Interest: transit-oriented development, public space and recreation design, and breweries as a catalyst for communities.


mary mathisMary Mathis
Education: Auburn University, BS Horticulture, 2016
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Research Interest: Residential design, plant management, edible landscapes, native materials



e. keely mcdonaldE. Keely McDonald
Education: Colorado State University, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture, 2012
Hometown: Durango, CO
Research interests: Sustainability, Green Roofs, Urban Agriculture, Permaculture, Historic Preservation, and Landscape Preservation


jacqueline menkeJacqueline Menke
• Southern Illinois University Carbondale: BA in Psychology (2008)
• MPH with an emphasis in community health (2010)
• Northern Illinois University: MAT for Health Education (2012)
Hometown: Rock Island, IL
Research Interests: Ecological restoration, food forests/forest
gardening, sustainable design, implementing off-grid living
systems and structures in urban areas.


carly nielsenCarly Nielsen
Education: Georgia College and State University, BS Environmental Science, 2015
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL, and Lawrenceville, GA
Research Interests: Ecological conservation and restoration, habitat design, constructed wetlands, permaculture, edible gardens, rooftop gardens, living walls, native materials


zongying pengZongying Peng
Education: Chengdu University of Technology, Bachelor in Landscape Gardening, 2017
Hometown: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China




jon piersonJon Pierson
Education: Northern Arizona University 2009
Hometown: Rossville, GA
Research Interests: Conservation, landscape ecology and recreation design



lucy robertsonLucy Robertson
Education: Wofford College, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies, 2014
Hometown: Spartanburg, SC
Research Interests: theme park and resort landscape design, sustainability, conservation


rachel shieldsRachael Shields
Education: University of Cincinnati, BS in Architecture, 2016
Hometown: Fennville, MI
Research Interests: relationship between architecture, agriculture, and landscape architecture



Class of 2020

kelsey broichKelsey Broich
Education: University of Georgia, Art, 2015
Hometown: Fayetteville, GA
Research Interests: planting design, stormwater, landscaping for wildlife, public parks and gardens



jackson gannawayJackson Gannaway
Education: The University of the South, BA German Language and Culture, 2011
Hometown: Collierville, TN
Research Interests: urban ecology and farming, urban design, sustainable design, historic preservation, prehistoric landscapes and architecture, foreign languages and cultures


sarah hutchinsonSarah Hutchinson
Education: Cornell University, BS Biology & Society, 2014
Hometown: Honeoye Falls, NY
Research Interests: ecological planting design, native plants, public parks, ecosystem restoration, designing for habitat/biodiversity



deborah kimDeborah Kim
Education: University of Georgia, Bachelor in Biology, 2017
Hometown: LaGrange, GA
Research Interests: the relationship between the level of human interaction with the natural environment and one’s physical and mental health;



oliver pennyOliver Penny
Education: University of North Texas, BA Political Science, 2010
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Research Interests: urban design, environmental psychology, sustainable design, stormwater management, place-making


brandon plattBrandon Platt
Education: Indiana State University, MA History;
University of South Carolina, Spartanburg, BA History
Hometown: McCormick, SC
Research Interests: therapeutic gardens, historical gardens, human interaction/reaction to landscapes


benjamin proulxBenjamin Proulx
Education: Brigham Young University, BS Landscape Management, 2017
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Research Interests: sustainability, edible plants and landscapes, agri-hoods, urban agriculture, Latin American landscapes, low-income communities



matthew quireyMatthew Quirey
Education: Oklahoma State University, BS Horticulture, 2007
University of Delaware (Longwood Fellow), MS Public Horticulture, 2014
Hometown: Blackwell, OK
Research Interests: cultural landscape management, preservation, planning, education, urban forestry, urban ecology, urban agriculture, design history, vernacular landscapes



saadia raisSaadia Rais
Education: Virginia Tech, MS Sociology, 2016; BA Philosophy, 2013
Hometown: Blacksburg, VA
Research Interests: videography, social topics in design



erika vob schroederErika von Schroeder
Education: University of Nevada, Reno, BA Anthropology; minor Historic Preservation, 2015
Hometown: Reno, NV
Research Interests: theory, cultural landscapes, land and material use, conservation, land management



elizabeth solomonElizabeth Solomon
Education: Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA Historic Preservation, 2010
Hometown: Denver, CO
Research Interests: cycling/pedestrian infrastructure, community development for social justice, medicinal/edible herbs/mushrooms, agroforestry


Class of 2020, Two-year track

Felipe Barrantes-ReynoldsFelipe Barrantes-Reynolds
Education: University of Costa Rica, Architecture, 2012
Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica
Research interests: regenerative design, participatory design, urban ecology, biomimicry, biophilia
Email address:
LinkedIn page:


Jingxin Ren

Jingxin Ren
Education: Northeast Forestry University, BLA, 2017
Hometown: Shanxi, China
Research interests: public space, sustainable design, ecological restoration, residential design
Email address:,



Minhe Tang

Minhe Tang
Education: Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, BLA, 2018
Hometown: Beijing, China
Research interests: Ecological restoration, historical landscape preservation, public space design
Email address:


Jiayao Yang

Jiayao Yang
Education: Donghua University, BA Environmental Design, 2018
Hometown: Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China
Research interests: art in the landscape, philosophy, IT, conservation, public spaces
Email address:



Class of 2021

Lakeisha Austin

Lakeisha Austin
Education: Georgia State University, BS Mathematics, 2003
Hometown: Greenwood, MS
Research interests: conservation and sustainable development, garden management and planting design, residential design, historic preservation
Email address:



Whitney BarrWhitney Barr

Education: Spelman College, English Language & Literature, 2013; Yonsei University, Korean Language Concentration, 2011
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Research Interests: revamping broken food systems through sustainable, culturally-conscious, garden design & implementation, intersecting the art of agriculture and landscape architecture for (re)building & healing Black & Brown communities
Email address:


Andie Culbertson

Andie Culbertson
Education: The University of Georgia, BFA Graphic Design, 2017
Hometown: Cumming, GA
Research interests: Therapy gardens, land restoration and reclamation, urban agriculture, medicinal plants/herbs
Email address:



David Evans

David Evans
Education: University of the South, BA Environmental Policy, 2015
Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN
Research interests: Public and educational spaces, native plantings, climate resilience, stakeholder engagement
Email address:
LinkedIn page:


Ruolin Gu

Ruolin Gu
Education: Shaanxi Normal University, Bachelor of Economics, Finance, 2016
Hometown: Xian, China
Research interests: Residential design, recreation space design
Email address:




Jennifer McKenney

Jennifer McKenney
Education: San Francisco State University, BA Anthropology, 2014
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Research interests: green building, sustainable design, cultural anthropology, native plants
Email address:,
LinkedIn page:



Brian Melchionni

Brian Melchionni
Education: University of Virginia, BA Environmental Sciences, 2014
Hometown: Ocean City, NJ
Research interests: ecological restoration, land art, informal communities, sustainable infrastructure, biotecture, perception/paradigm
Email address:




Nick Moss

Nick Moss
Education: University of Georgia, BA Spanish & Political Science, 2004
Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Research interests: urban ecology, landscape theory, adaptive reuse, regenerative design



kristin ramey

Kristin Ramey

Education: Texas State University, MS Criminal Justice, 2006
Hometown: Grapevine, TX
Research Interests: biophilia, public policy, sustainable urban design, urban agriculture, parks & greenways, environmental psychology, community engagement, education.




Anna Marie Scoccimaro

Anna Marie Scoccimaro
Education: Davidson College, BS Biology 2016
Hometown: Albany, GA
Research interests: sustainable urban design, ecological restoration, parks and greenways




Emily Whisenant

Emily Whisenant
Education: College of Charleston, BA Urban Studies, Historic Preservation and Community Planning, 2017
Hometown: Palmetto, FL
Research interests: civic design and its role in urban/rural revitalization, conservation and preservation of vernacular landscapes
Email address:



Lorelle Wrice

Lorelle Wrice
Education: University of Central Florida, BS Tourism & Event Management, 2015
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Research interests: urban design, environmental psychology, public and pedestrian transportation, solar and renewable energy
Email address:


Dingning YuDingning Yu
Education: Renmin University of China, BS Management, 2014
Hometown: Beijing, China
Research interests: musical landscapes and historical landscapes
Email address:,