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Faculty and Staff

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Wayde Brown
Wayde Brown
Donna Gabriel
Donna Gabriel 
Cari Goetcheus
Cari Goetcheus
Eric MacDonald
Eric MacDonald






Scott Nesbit
Scott Nesbit  
James Reap
James Reap
Mark Reinberger
Mark Reinberger
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John Waters















Students in the Master of Historic Preservation program come from all over the country and have varied academic/professional backgrounds. The flexibility of the MHP program allows students to explore a wide array of interests while receiving a top-notch education from the CED’s dedicated staff.

2018 Graduates
Second Year Students
First Year Students


2018 Graduates


head shot of carter burns 

Carter Burns

University of Mississippi School of Law, Juris Doctor, 2005
Millsaps College, Bachelor of Arts in English, 2002
Hometown: Natchez, Mississippi
Research Interests: Preservation law, preservation and economics, historic tax  credits, adaptive reuse, preservation easements


head shot of david dobbs

 David Dobbs

 Oglethorpe University, B.A. History, 2007
 Hometown: Powder Springs, Georgia
 Research Interests: Preservation resource management, preservation   advocacy,  architectural history, preservation within the National Park     Services, and adaptive reuse and sustainability


head shot of sean griffithSean Griffith

Kennesaw State University, B.A. History
Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia




head shot of rebekah helfgot

 Rebekah Helfgot

 University of Georgia, B.A. Anthropology and History, 2016
 Hometown: Dunwoody, Georgia
 Research Interests: Early American architecture, rural cemeteries,   archaeological site preservation, site interpretation



head shot of yoldez hallebYoldez Halleb

L’École nationale d’architecture
Hometown: Sousse, Tunisia




head shot of rachel howellRachel Pearl Howell

Middle Tennessee State University, B.A. History, 2013
Research Interests: Preservation education and outreach, especially through public means



head shot of caity hungate Caity Hungate

 Brigham Young University, B.A. in History
 Hometown: Kathleen, Georgia
 Research Interests: Colonial American architecture, Native American cultural   preservation, southern architecture and landscapes, stained glass   preservation   and restoration



head shot of chris jackson Chris Jackson

 Georgia College & State University, Bachelor of Liberal Studies, 2010
 Concentrations: Anthropology, Geography, Philosophy and Art
 Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia
 Research Interests:  Architectural history, rural preservation, preservation   technologies, and cultural landscapes


head shot of emma keethlerEmma Keethler

University of West Florida – Studio Art
Hometown: Pensacola, Florida




head shot of chase klugh Chase Klugh

 University of Georgia, B.A. History with a minor in Anthropology, 2015
 Hometown: Commerce, Georgia
 Research Interests: Vernacular architecture and building materials   conservation



John McBrayerJohn McBrayer

University of Georgia, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, 1989; Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, 1998
Hometown: Thomson, Georgia
Research Interests: Rural preservation, preservation easements, rural cemeteries, residential historic districts and vernacular architecture






bethany moore Bethany Moore

 Truman State University, B.A. History, 2016
 Hometown: Troy, Missouri
 Research interests: Residential historic districts, adaptive reuse,   downtown/Main Street revitalization



maria rachal Maria Rachal

 University of Louisiana, B.A. French and History, Minor in Business, 2014
 Hometown: New Roads, Louisiana
 Research Interests: heritage tourism, preservation economics, cultural   landscapes



paige ritter Paige Ritter

 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, B.A.S. Diversified Agriculture, 2016
 Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
 Research Interests: the process of restoring a historic structure and   converting it into a museum, because it entails many different disciplines of   historic preservation


audrey thomas Audrey Thomas

 Appalachian State University, B.S. Public History with Appalachian Studies   concentration
 Hometown: Kernersville, North Carolina




daniel whiteDaniel White

Auburn University, B.S. Environmental Design, 2016
Hometown: Madison, Alabama
Research Interests: vernacular architecture, adaptive reuse, historic preservation, social equity





Second Year Students


head shot of jackson beckJackson Beck

Goshen College, Bachelor of Arts in History, 2013
Hometown: Archbold, Ohio
Research Interests: Intangible cultural heritage, preservation and economics, preservation law
JD/MHP Dual Degree Candidate


mackenzie carroll MacKenzie Carroll

 Chadron State College, B.A History, Minor in Museum Studies
 Hometown: Sacramento, California
 Research Interests: Adaptive reuse and sustainability, the connections   between culture and the build environment, early 20th century architecture,   planned development





head shot of lisa demaraisLisa C. Demarais

Georgia State University, B.A. History with Sociology Minor, 2015
Hometown: Levittown, New York
Research Interests: Preservation planning, preservation law, sustainable and economic urban development, adaptive reuse of historic structures, historic landscapes and national parks


james dorn James 'Mills' Dorn

 Graduated Lander University in Greenwood, SC with a B.S. in History in 2017
 Hometown: Edgefield, South Carolina
 Research Interests: Rural architecture and landscape preservation, reuse and   repurpose of historical buildings in rural areas as well as small towns.



carter finch Carter Finch

 Covenant College, B.A. History with Political Studies Concentration
 Hometown: Greenwood, South Carolina
 Research Interests: Rehabilitation and reuse of historic buildings particularly   in small towns in the Southeast, preservation of historic homes, battlefield   preservation 



head shot of dixie gallupsDixie Gallups

University of Georgia, B.A. History
Hometown: Winder, Georgia
Research Interests: Southern architecture, Southern history, material culture, historic site interpretation, preservation of historic houses, materials conservation


head shot of maura jacksonMaura Jackson

Winthrop University, B.A. Art History, 2014
Hometown: North Augusta, South Carolina
Research Interests: Historic Preservation in tourism, Residential historic districts, Adaptive reuse



head shot of samuel johnsonSamuel Johnson

Kennesaw State University, B.S. Political Science, History Minor, 2015
Hometown: Woodstock, Georgia
Research Interests: National Park Service, Historic districts, Antebellum architecture, and the history and evolution of urban landscapes



head shot of sophia latzSophia Latz

University of Georgia, Bachelor of Arts in History, minors in English and Fashion Merchandising, 2014
Hometown: Thomasville, Georgia
Research Interests: Architectural history up to 1850, Material reuse, Doors


james lockeJames Locke

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, B.S. Economics
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina




hannah murpheyHannah Murphey

University of Georgia, B.A. History
Hometown: Woodstock, Georgia




laureen patterson Lauren Patterson

 University of Florida, B.S. Advertising, minor Business Administration, 2013
 Hometown: DeLand, Florida
 Research Interests: Adaptive reuse, sustainable development, blight   remediation, affordable housing, community engagement 


caitlin plesher Caitlin Plesher

 University of Georgia, Anthropology and Art History, 2015
 Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia
 Research Interests: Heritage tourism, historic interpretation



caroline raineyCaroline Rainey

Sweet Briar College, B.A. in Archaeology and Art History
M.A. Decorative Arts and Historic Interiors, London
Hometown: Anderson, South Carolina
Research Interests: Interiors are my planned area of expertise, specializing in researching wallpapers, paint analysis, room design, and moldings.


sherrie' raleighSherrie’ Raleigh

Mercer University, B.A. English, B.A. Communications, 2003
Middle Georgia State University, B.A. History, 2007
Hometown: Macon, Georgia
Research Interests: Railroad-related preservation, historic preservation  within National and State Parks/Historic Sites, preservation of historic  homes, cemetery preservation, Native American history, military history,  museum & artifact preservation


dylan stearnsDylan Stearns

Stetson University, B.A. History, Minor in American Studies, 2015
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Research Interests: Preservation of historic houses and neighborhoods, battlefield preservation, preservation of historic sports stadiums, preservation and display of artifacts, reuse of historic materials, and rural community and    homestead preservation 


anders yountAnders Yount

University of Georgia, B.A. History, Minor in Sociology, 2016
Hometown: Athens, Georgia
Research Interests: architectural history, material culture, adaptive reuse, and the evolution of urban landscapes



savannah youngSavannah Young

University of South Florida, Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, 2015
Previous M.A. candidate in Forensic Anthropology at Texas State University,  2016
Hometown: Port Orange, Florida
Research Interests: historic architecture preservation, adaptive reuse,    building materials conservation, National Park Service, cemetery  preservation, archaeological site preservation, preservation economics   and planning, Arts and Crafts movement



First Year Students


Ashlen ClarkAshlen Clark 

James Madison University, B.A. in History with a Public History concentration, Minor in American Studies, 2017
Hometown: Yorktown, Virginia
Research Interests: Architectural history, adaptive reuse, sustainability in preservation, the evolution of urban spaces through architecture, and cultural landscapes 


casey emmetCasey Emmett

UNG (formerly North Georgia College & State University), B.A. in History, 2012
Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia
Research Interests: architectural history and preservation


English Hinton English Hinton 

Hillsdale College, B.A. in Politics with an emphasis in Political Philosophy, Minor in Art History, 2018
Hometown: Tampa, Florida 
Research Interests: American architecture, construction, architectural history


Elyse HogansonElyse Hoganson 

Georgia College, B.A. in Art and History, concentrations in Art History and  Public History, respectively
Hometown: Cartersville, Georgia
Research Interests: Architectural history, sustainability in preservation, 18th  century architecture and interiors, relationship between architecture and landscape design 



Elizabeth JonesElizabeth Jones

Shorter University Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Management, concentration in Human Services Nonprofit
Hometown: Bishop, Georgia
Research Interests: Rural and agricultural heritage, heritage site interpretation, vernacular architecture and building materials conservation, preservation law


h rose mayo

Rose Mayo

College of William & Mary, B.B.A, in Finance, International Concentration, Second Major in Public Policy
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Research Interests: Adaptive reuse, preservation economics, sustainability, social equity in preservation and urban planning, international preservation



Maxwell NosbischMaxwell Nosbisch 

College of Charleston, Historic Preservation and Community Planning, Minor in Urban Studies 
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina 




James Ranew

James Ranew

Southern New Hampshire University, M.A. History with a concentration in American History, 2016
St. Petersburg College, B.S. Public Administration, 2013
Hometown: Clearwater, Florida
Research Interests: Religious architecture, battlefield preservation, evolution of residential design, theater preservation



Darcie ScalesDarcie Scales

Georgia College & State University, B.A. History and Geography, International  Studies Minor
Research Interests: 19th and 20th century history and architecture, vernacular architecture, international preservation, cultural landscapes and sustainability






JahanviJahanvi Ajay Sinha  

D.C. Patel College of Architecture, A.P.I.E.D in Gujarat, India 
Research Interests: Architectural history, heritage conservation
"I have always believed that history brings us closer to this world than anything else. Any given place holds a lot of sentimental and historical value. These values determine our culture, religion and ethics today." 


Victoria VanhussVictoria Vanhuss 
Georgia College & State University, B.A. in Rhetoric, Minor in Political Science, Certificate in   Leadership 
Hometown: Macon, Georgia
Research Interests: Sustainability, historic sites, adaptive reuse, grants 
Previous Work: Marketing & Communications Specialist for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia


drew williamsDrew Williams

Georgia State University, B.A. Art History, 2016
Hometown: Villa Rica, Georgia
Research Interests: Philosophy and principles of historic preservation, building materials conservation, architectural history, history and implementation of government-funded historic preservation and conservation programs

"I have been passionate and curious about understanding and protecting old buildings, sites, and objects since I was very young. As an experienced carpenter I have a special, intimate connection with architectural elements and the materials that comprise them. My devotion to Historic Preservation and Architectural History has led to many unique places -  including a study abroad among the ancient architecture of Athens, Greece, and a two year tenure as a full-time
Historic Preservation Craftsman at Grand Canyon National Park."