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College of Environment and Design


Rikerrious Geter

Head shot of Rikerrious Geter

Project Designer at GGN – Seattle, WA

2016 graduate of the BLA program

“The BLA program at UGA is a very special place with great faculty and staff who want nothing more than to see their alumni impact our world. I am a young professional and the education from CED has been the foundation of my career. I see and use the information from my education on a daily basis. An education from CED will take you places you’ve never dreamed. Whether you’re studying abroad, going on field sessions, or moving to work in Seattle – the CED exposes you to many strong professional contacts early on in your time there. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity given — there are many.”

Originally from the grand town of Royston, GA, I moved to Seattle, WA a week after graduation, and starting working at GGN two weeks later. My first exposure to GGN came from a CED field study trip to Seattle during my sophomore year in the BLA program. I found my way to the college and the profession from watching the documentary “No Impact Man”, which led me to reevaluate my lifestyle and reduce my carbon footprint. I’ve always had a passion for design, but with the newfound interest in the environment, Landscape Architecture was an easy decision.  So far at GGN, I’ve had many amazing opportunities to work on projects both nationally and internationally, and I am proud to be learning more and more with each day.

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Chad Horton, RLA

Head shot Chad Horton and wife

Owner of Horton Land Works – Destin, FL

2005 graduate of the BLA program

“I often tell individuals interested in design, that Landscape Architecture provides the broadest range of opportunities to be a leader for change. The impacts of good landscape architectural design evokes emotion, community, and an over-arching sense of place that people can identify to and be proud of.”



Originally an Atlanta native transplanted to the Gulf Coast of Florida via the profession of Landscape Architecture.  Drawing and creating has always been a major part of my personality and upon choosing a career those gifts are ones that I wanted to put to good use. I always figured I would be an Architect or designer in some form and it was the introduction to real estate development, creating great places to live, work, and play, that directed me to the Landscape Architectural profession.

UGA/CED Experience

The studio experience at the College of Environmental Design (CED) is one that is unforgettable. My education took place on North Campus at the former CED building Caldwell Hall. I recently spent time at the new CED building and was amazed at the atmosphere, abundance of natural light and the resources available for students. The proximity of the CED building to the historic downtown provides the opportunity to study how people interact in an urban/collegiate environment, gain a better understanding of spacial proportions, as well as experience the most historic part of the campus.

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McConnell Residence Al Fresco Perspective Phillips Residence

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Adam Miller, RLA

Adam Miller


Principal at Chicago Roof Deck – Chicago, IL

2005 graduate of the BLA program

“The BLA program at UGA was crucial to my development as a landscape architect because it was able to bring a wide range of classes, students and professors into one program that none other in the US can boast.  This depth of education allowed me to see many facets of the industry and has given me contacts throughout the US and abroad as resources to growth and development. “


I moved to Chicago right after finishing my degree at UGA and began working in traditional landscape architecture shops working on projects in both private and public sectors.  In 2009 I was lead design on the Northerly Island redevelopment project as well as a beach front master planning project with Park District of Highland Park while working for SmithgroupJJR – Chicago.  In 2010 I was hired to lead the design practice at Chicago Roof Deck and Garden, a Chicago based design build firm specializing in exterior construction and finishing for outdoor spaces in Chicago.  Now a principal at CRD I over see a team that designs and builds over 100 spaces a year in both the residential and commercial sector.  Our organization is expanding into more traditional landscape architecture design in planning services along with extended procurement services outside Chicago and the U.S..  As part of that development, we will be launching our designed and manufactured lines of outdoor product ranging from furniture to fire elements.

 Miller Portfolio Picture Miller Portfolio Picture Miller Portfolio Picture Miller Portfolio Picture

John Young

Head shot of John Young


Principal at Oxbow Design Collaborative – Denver, CO

“The size of the University of Georgia’s Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program allows you every opportunity to truly discover what you want out of the profession.  The wide range of expertise the professors possess is unmatched at any other undergraduate program in the country.  The degree allowed me the chance to work at one of the top design firms in the country where a majority of the employees held graduate degrees.”



John Young is a landscape designer with more than nine years of experience working on a variety of project types. He has designed and managed projects both locally and nationally and has successfully implemented some of the most challenging and complex projects for both public and private clients. Prior to joining Oxbow, John was instrumental in designing North Stapleton Parks & Open Space in Denver, the Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Complex at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Lane Field Park in downtown San Diego, CA. No matter the design challenge, John demonstrates a real passion for creating spaces that improve the quality of life for all people. He is motivated by creating places that make people stop, think, and truly appreciate the built environment.

John’s attention to detail is evident in his projects and has an ability to synthesize various details related to materials, grading, drainage, and planting into a cohesive aesthetic and functional landscape. Past representative projects include, urban park design, master planning at all scales, design of public spaces, recreational facilities, community planning, open space planning and a variety of residential projects.

John Young Portfolio Picture of a Park John Young Portfolio Picture of a Park