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College of Environment and Design

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

BLA presentation

What Can I Do with THIS?

A lot of students who find the right fit in the BLA at UGA didn’t know what the field was before they got here. You may be in the same situation. Think Landscape Architecture is mowing lawns? Think again!

You will learn:

-design (art, fundamental design skills)

-creativity, innovation, thinking outside the box, problem solving

-site design (small backyard scale to large urban scale)

-historic preservation


-water resources, grading, and drainage

-horticulture (plants!)

-sustainability/ecology (science)

-humanities subjects like psychology, sociology, and anthropology (the importance of place, experience, etc.)



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Request a BLA Package!  If you are considering attending UGA and majoring in Landscape Architecture – we would be happy to send you some information.

Schedule a meeting/tour with us. If you are an internal transfer student, please EMAIL US before changing your major in Athena!

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